Nancy Bray



WRS 101 - Exploring Writing

This workshop course focuses on both the theory and practice of the writing process to help students experience firsthand how university writers enter into rich ongoing conversations by engaging with the words and ideas of others.

WRS 104 - Writing Persuasive Arguments

Introduction to the principles, theories and practice of writing well supported and convincing arguments.

WRS 210 - Introduction to Professional Communication

Analysis of and practice in key genres, processes, and strategies for professional communication. Prerequisites: 6 units selected from 100-level ENGL or 100-level WRS, or consent of instructor.

WRS 601 - Composition Theory

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Scholarly Activities

Other - Co-Editor, Writing across the University of Alberta

Started: 2020-09-01

Writing across the University of Alberta (WAUA) publishes undergraduate student writing from writing studies courses and courses focused on writing studies practices and scholarship at the University of Alberta.

Writing across the University of Alberta