Behrang Nikaeen

Grad Teaching Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Music Dept
Grad Teaching Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Music Dept


Grad Teaching Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Music Dept

Grad Teaching Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Music Dept


Iranian Music and Popular Entertainment: From Motrebi to Losanjelesi and Beyond. By G.J. Breyley and Sasan Fatemi. London: Routledge, 2016. 230 pp. ISBN: 978-0-415-57512-6

Author(s): Behrang Nikaeen
Publication Date: 5/19/2022
Publication: Popular Music
Volume: 41
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 127-129
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TranceCultural Music: Forging social resonance through asynchronous virtual musical interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic

Author(s): Michael Frishkopf, Collectively prepared by members of the TranceCultural Orchestra: Allison Sokil, Ari Mastoras, Arsh Khaira, Behrang Nikaeen, Donna Dawson, Jane Zaïane, Jillian Fulton-Melanson, Matt Love, Mehdi Rezania, Michael Frishkopf, More J, Morteza Abedinifard, Nasim Ahmadian, Olga Zaitseva-Herz, Shruti Nair, Tuğrul Özer, and Vahid Macvandi
Publication Date: 9/29/2021
Publication: Journal of Music, Health, and Wellbeing
Issue: Special Issue on Musicking through COVID-19: Challenges, Adaptations, and New Practices
Page Numbers: 1-19
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The Azerbaijani Ashiq: Musical Change, Transmission, and the Future of a Bardic Art

Author(s): Nikaeen, Behrang and Anna Oldfield
Publication Date: 12/29/2020
Publication: Journal of Folklore Research
Volume: 57
Issue: 3
Page Numbers: 1-26
DOI: 10.2979/jfolkrese.57.3.01
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The Azeri Aşıq in Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan: Towards a Transnational Comparison of a Diverging Tradition

Author(s): Oldfield, Anna and Behrang Nikaeen
Publication Date: 12/29/2018
Publication: Musicologist
Volume: 2
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 166-182
DOI: 10.33906/musicologist.493221
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From the Wedding Festivity to the Music School: Master Apprentice System and Changes in the Methods of Transmission of Tradition in the Ashiq Poetic-musical Art

Author(s): Nikaeen, Behrang and Sasan Fatemi
Publication Date: 8/29/2018
Publication: University of Tehran, College of Fine Arts
Volume: 23
Issue: 3
Page Numbers: 67-76
DOI: 10.22059/JFADRAM.2018.67253
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Analysis of Brownian motion and particle size effects on the thermal behavior and cooling performance of microchannel heat sinks

Author(s): Hamid Reza Seyf and Behrang Nikaaein
Publication Date: 8/29/2012
Publication: International Journal of Thermal Sciences
Volume: 58
Page Numbers: 36-44
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2012.02.022
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