Nicolette Little

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Interdisciplinary Studies


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Interdisciplinary Studies


MST 100 - Introduction to Media Studies

The discipline of Media Studies, how it has developed, its historical objects and contemporary tools of study, and how it contributes to our understanding of culture.

MST 210 - Contemporary Media Culture

Key topical and changing trends and issues in contemporary media culture. Prerequisite: MST 100.

MST 300 - Researching Media

A survey of research methods in media studies, including quantitative and qualitative methods, media archaeology, as well as practical forms of research creation. Prerequisite: MST 100.

MST 351 - Understanding Video Games

Beginning with an exploration of games in general and leading to modern video games. This course will be delivered on-line and is offered at an increased rate of fee assessment; refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations sections of the Calendar. Not open to students with credit in or enrolled in STS 350.

MST 400 - Media Portfolio

In this capstone course, students will produce individually or collaboratively designed and executed analytic or creative projects. Prerequisite: *3 in MST at the 300-level or consent of the Program Administrator.

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