Nicolette Little, PhD

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Media Tech Studies (MTS)

Pronouns: she/elle


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Media Tech Studies (MTS)


Area of Study / Keywords

Feminist Media Studies Media Studies Gender-Based Violence Media Activism Tech-Facilitated Violence


Nicolette Little (Ph.D. University of Calgary) is an assistant lecturer of media and technology studies at the University of Alberta. Her research interests include feminist media interventions in gender-based violence (GBV), tech-facilitated violence, and mediated feminist memory. She advises the federal government, media, and policing services regarding GBV and media. Her recent work includes "Social Media 'Ghosts': How Facebook (Meta) Memories Complicates Healing for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence" (Feminist Media Studies, 2022). She is also a well-known Canadian children's author.


University of Alberta (2022-Present)

Introduction to Media Studies (MST 100)

Contemporary Media Studies (MST 210)

Researching Media (MST 300)

Media Studies Captsone Course (MST 400)

University of Calgary (2018-2021)

Feminist Media Studies (COMS 479)

New Media (COMS 203)

Sheridan College (2009-2015)

Professor of Communications and Literary Studies 


MST 210 - Contemporary Media Culture

Key topical and changing trends and issues in contemporary media culture. Prerequisite: MST 100.

MST 300 - Researching Media

A survey of research methods in media studies, including quantitative and qualitative methods, media archaeology, as well as practical forms of research creation. Prerequisite: MST 100.

MST 400 - Media Portfolio

In this capstone course, students will produce individually or collaboratively designed and executed analytic or creative projects. Prerequisites: MST 100, 200, 210, 300 and 310 or consent of the Program Administrator.

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Featured Publications

Nicolette Little

Feminist Media Studies. 2022 December; 10.1080/14680777.2022.2149593

Gender-based violence-related mourning on a social network site: Leah Parsons’ ‘Facebooked’ grief and the Angel Rehtaeh Parsons Page

Nicolette Little

Feral Feminisms: Critical Interventions in Rape Culture. 2019 January; 8

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