Nykkie Lugosi-Schimpf, PhD, MA, BA Hons.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Native Studies

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Native Studies



Nicole VT Lugosi-Schimpf is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. Her disciplinary background is Political Science, specializing in Comparative Politics and International Relations. Her research interests include: Indigeneity, race and nation, Central Eastern Europe, and international security issues such as sex trafficking.


Areas of Research Expertise:

  • Post-colonial and Post-communist Democracies 
  • Indigeneity
  • Structural Racism 
  • Criminal Justice System 
  • International Security Issues (Sex Trafficking)
  • Comparative work (Canada and Central Eastern Europe)

Current Research Projects:

Title: Tackling Structural Racism

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nicole Lugosi-Schimpf

Co-Investigators: Dr. Paul Gareau, Jade Brown-Tootosis, Sara Howdle, Dr. Nancy Van Styvendale from the University of Alberta.


Title: Innovative Social Pedagogy to Empower Indigenous Communities & Reduce Gender, Racial Biases.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vivek Vankatesh, UNESCO co-Chair in the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism (Concordia University).

Co-Investigators: Dr. Paul Gareau, Dr. Nicole Lugosi-Schimpf, and Dr. Jason Wallin from the University of Alberta; Lucy Lu from Third Space Playback in Edmonton, Alberta; Shawn Tse from Fallout Media in Edmonton.


University Affairs Story by Sparrow McGowan.

April 14, 2022. “Multi-university project uses digital literacy to fight discrimination.”


CBC Radio-Canada (in French)

May 8, 2021. "Des étudiants augmentent la représentativité autochtone sur Wikipédia."


University of Alberta Folio Story by Jordan M. Cook.

April 30, 2021. "Bringing Indigenous Perspectives to Wikipedia."


Dan Levy talks with Dr. Tracy Bear and Dr. Paul Gareau from the University of Alberta, with special guest Dr. Nykkie Lugosi. YouTube.

September 27, 2020. "Indigenous Canada Module 6: A Modern Indian?"


HUM 101 Radio Segment

October 16, 2020. "Introduction and thinking about were we are."


WikiEdu Blog Post by Helaine Blumenthal

January 13, 2021. "Improving Wikipedia's Coverage of Indigenous Canadians."



NS 152A - Introductory Cree

A general introduction to Plains Cree (Y dialect) grammar and vocabulary, with practice in speaking and work in the language laboratory. No prior knowledge of Cree is assumed. Not open to students with matriculation standing in Cree. Note: Students cannot receive credit for NS 152 and NS 153.

Fall Term 2022

NS 152B - Introductory Cree

A general introduction to Plains Cree (Y dialect) grammar and vocabulary, with practice in speaking and work in the language laboratory. No prior knowledge of Cree is assumed. Not open to students with matriculation standing in Cree. Note: Students cannot receive credit for NS 152 and NS 153.

Winter Term 2023

NS 161 - Countering Stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples

This course pulls the rug from underneath settler-based constructions of Indigeneity. Taking up the most prevalent stereotypes of Indigenous people, the course will provide context and reflection-based learning to give students the ability to unpack and challenge the narratives that both skew the lived experience of Indigenous peoples and allow the replication of stereotypes that reinforce colonial relationships.

Winter Term 2023

NS 442 - Colonialism and the Criminal Justice System

Focuses on pertinent aspects of the Canadian criminal justice process as it relates to the experiences of Indigenous peoples. This course examines how the justice process functioned historically, as well as its links to contemporary social relations and institutions such as education and the media. In particular, issues pertaining to historical and emerging trends such as restorative justice and sentencing alternatives are explored and critically analyzed. There is a strong intersectional focus on how racism and discrimination shape Indigenous experiences within the criminal justice process. Prerequisites: NS 110, 111 and one 300-level NS course or consent of the Faculty.

Fall Term 2022

NS 504 - Directed Advanced Readings in Indigenous Studies

Prerequisite: NS 503 or consent of the Faculty.

Fall Term 2022

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Theorizing and implementing meaningful Indigenization: Wikipedia as an opportunity for course-based digital advocacy

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Indigenising International Relations: Insights from Centring Indigeneity in Canada and Iraq

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“Truth-telling” and Legal Discourse: A Critical Analysis of the Neil Stonechild Inquiry

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