Cynthia Paszkowski


Faculty of Science - Biological Sciences



Current Research Interests I have studied the ecology and behaviour of a diverse array of vertebrates in North America and Europe. Currently, my students and I are investigating a variety of amphibian, bird, and fish species that inhabit the boreal forest, parkland, prairie and foothills of Alberta. Our field sites include Elk Island National ParkWaterton Lakes National Park, CFB Suffield and Meanook Biological Research Station.

Some recent projects from my research group:

  • Habitat use of the western toad in the aspen parkland and boreal forest
  • The role of wood frog and boreal chorus frog tadpoles in pond food-webs
  • Use of under-road culverts to conserve amphibian populations
  • The ecology of urban amphibians
  • Amphibian assemblages of ephemeral ponds and streams in the boreal forest
  • The impact of stocked trout on native communities in boreal foothills lakes
  • Conservation genetics of sage grouse and northern leopard frog
  • Use of stable isotope analysis to investigate the diets of horned, red necked and western grebes
  • Burrow-pit ponds as habitat for aquatic birds in north-western Alberta
  • Effects of energy development on grassland birds