Paul Flaman

SJC Academic: Professor of Christian Theology, St Joseph's College


SJC Academic: Professor of Christian Theology, St Joseph's College
1-24 St. Joseph's College
114 St - 89 Ave
Edmonton AB
T6G 2J5


CHRTC 292 - Spirituality for Today's Christians

Developing an understanding of the role of prayer, leisure, and work within a Christian lifestyle in the light of Scripture, Christian tradition, current theological reflection, and personal differences.

Fall Term 2020
CHRTC 351 - Sex, Love and Marriage: Christian Perspectives

Questions of meaning and morality concerning sex, love, marriage, non-marital sex, parenthood, relationship and marriage breakup, celibacy, gender, and homosexuality, considered in the light of experience, the Bible, Catholic teaching, traditional and contemporary theological discussion.

Winter Term 2021
CHRTC 352 - Bioethical Issues: Christian Perspectives

Reproductive and genetic technologies, abortion, transplantation, resource allocation, research, withdrawing treatment, personal directives, euthanasia, considered in light of human experience. Catholic Church teaching, other Christian perspectives and contemporary ethical discussion.

Winter Term 2021

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