Paul Forsythe, PhD, MSc, BSc

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Medicine Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Medicine Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Lung disease Psychoneuroimmunology Microbiota


I obtained my PhD in Immunopharmacology at Queen’s University Belfast, UK. I then went on to pursue Post-Doctoral studies at the University of Alberta and McMaster University before becoming a faculty member in the Department of Medicine, McMaster University and Principal Investigator at the McMaster Brain-Body Institute, and Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health. I joined the faculty of the University of Alberta as the AstraZeneca Canada Inc., Chair in Asthma and Obstructive Lung Disease in July 2021.


My research falls within the field of psychoneuroimmunology; addressing cross-talk between components of the immune and nervous systems, and how such communication may influence the development of diverse pathophysiological responses such as inflammation, allergy and mood disorders. A major research focus is on the immunomodulatory and neuroactive properties of microbes and the role of the vagus nerve as part of the inflammatory reflex, responding to microbial cues that lead to afferent signaling to the brain, with neurochemical and behavioural consequences, and efferent signals that regulate peripheral immune responses.


Currently accepting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.