Pam Stacey, MSc

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning
Term Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning

Pronouns: she, her, hers


ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning

Term Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning


Area of Study / Keywords



I have a research background in marine mammal ecology, behaviour and conservation, especially with killer whales and other cetaceans in British Columbia and Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong River, Laos.


I have taught at Augustana since 1997 in the areas of biology, ecology, environmental science, geography, and vertebrate structure.


AUIDS 137 - Science Laboratory Experiences

Introduction to experimental work in Biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics. This course emphasizes numeracy, scientific communication and experimental techniques but does not presuppose any specific knowledge of disciplinary content. Note: Closed to students with *6 or more in AUBIO, AUCHE, AUENV, AUPHY and AUSCI.

AUSCI 115 - Scientific Inquiry in Biological Sciences

Introduction to the scientific process and methods in biological sciences. Hands-on, project-based introduction to the scope of biology, diversity of life, levels of organization of biological systems and essential laboratory and field techniques. Prerequisite: At least one of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, or Science 30.

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