Anna Pujadas Botey, PhD, MSc, BSc

Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health
Assistant Scientific Director, Cancer Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services


School of Public Health

Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health

Assistant Scientific Director, Cancer Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services


Area of Study / Keywords

cancer care clinical pathways social perceptions social supports stakeholder engagement implementation science community and family resilience decision-making


My muti-faced program of research focuses on examining how people affected by cancer in Alberta access and experience health care, to ultimately contribute to improved cancer care delivery, with better patient outcomes and health system improvements. Particular areas of interest include stakeholder engagement, implementation science, community and family resilience, and decision-making.

My methodological strengths are in qualitative and mixed-methods research. My research is done using an applied approach and has an important stakeholder engagement component.

The projects I work on span across a number of academic disciplines and research methodologies, and are designed and conducted in collaboration with colleagues from different academic disciplines and with the active involvement of relevant stakeholders such as patients, their families, clinicians, health-care providers, program administrators, knowledge users and policy-makers.


PhD, University of Alberta, 2010

Scholarly Activities

Research - Advancing knowledge concerning facilitated pathways for diagnosis of cancer in Alberta: Perspectives of patients and family members

Qualitative study to understand the perspectives of a group of cancer patients and family members on factors associated with timelines to diagnosis and their overall experience with the diagnostic period. We are hearing from patients and family members that they are struggling emotionally in the diagnostic period, and that it is very important that they are actively involved in their care process.

Research - Future of Cancer Impact (FoCI) in Alberta

Work to identify, collate and synthesize what is currently known about cancer in Alberta, and complete projections of future incidence, mortality and survival. This information will be used to create a foundation document to undertake an extensive engagement and consultation with cancer leaders and key strategic partners across Alberta, and stimulate and support discussions about future areas of focus for cancer and research/inquiry in Alberta.

Research - Measurement of progress and success of the work of the Cancer Strategic Clinical Network

Project to define a set of quality indicators that will be used to measure progress and success in advancing the work of the Cancer Strategic Clinical Network in advancing the three strategic directions defined in its Transformational Roadmap 2020-2024. To inform the definition of these indicators, we have conducted extensive literature reviews, consulted with academics and experts in the area, facilitated discussions with relevant stakeholders, and administered an indicator prioritization survey.

Research - Overdiagnosis in cancer

In partnership with Screening Programs, we are developing a position paper on cancer overdiagnosis. Key messages include: 1) population-based cancer screening programs contribute to improved survival, but are associated with a small risk of overdiagnosis; 2) incidental findings can lead to overdiagnosis of some cancers; 3) benefits of early diagnosis and treatment for most cancers at the population level outweigh the risks of overdiagnosis at the individual level; and, 4) proposed strategies to mitigate risks of overdiagnosis and overtreatment for some cancers must avoid increasing overall cancer mortality rates.

Research - Streamlining and facilitating cancer diagnosis in Alberta: Perceptions of healthcare providers

Qualitative study to understand perspectives of primary care physicians and specialists on potentially avoidable delays in diagnosing cancer and approaches to expedite cancer diagnosis in Alberta. Healthcare providers are indicating the need for enhanced support for family physicians, and better integration of primary and specialty care before cancer diagnosis. Streamlining cancer diagnosis, with the goals of enhancing patient outcomes, reducing physician frustration, and optimizing efficiency is required.

Research - Using clinical pathways for cancer diagnosis in primary care

Project done in collaboration with Dr. Lee Green's team at the University of Alberta to understand family physicians’ mental models of using clinical pathways for cancer diagnosis. The study is documenting how family physicians use pathways to gather information, confirm what they already know, support what they are already doing, and as a quick guide for what steps to take when unsure. Successful implementation of pathways in primary care should ensure pathways are easy to find, easy to use, and easy to be incorporated into family physicians’ workflows.


Physician perspectives on delays in cancer diagnosis in Alberta: A qualitative study

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From symptom to cancer diagnosis: Perspectives of patients and family members in Alberta, Canada

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What is the optimal strategy for assessing patients who were infected with COVID-19 for suitability for starting or resuming cancer treatment? COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group Rapid Response Report. Alberta Health Services, COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group

Author(s): Pujadas Botey A
Publication Date: 6/23/2020
External Link:

The standardised cancer booklet and beyond: Patient perspectives on patient education for breast cancer care

Author(s): Choudhury R, Pujadas Botey A, Wheeler L, Marlett N, Estey A
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Alberta Facilitated Cancer Diagnosis Program - A Patient Survey

Author(s): Research Facilitation & Analytics, DIMR, Pujadas Botey A
Publication Date: 1/17/2019