Rajender Gupta, PhD

Professor (Phased Post Retirement), Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Materials Engineering Dept


Professor (Phased Post Retirement), Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Materials Engineering Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Oil Sands and Energy


  • Coal/Biomass Combustion and Gasification: self-ignition temperatures, single particle ignition and combustion modeling, modeling of volatile matter evolution, Furnace modeling (Development of CFD), modeling CFBC and In-Situ gasification.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation: oxyfiring of coal used for capturing CO2 from fossil fuel combustion and sequestration of CO2 in unused coal mines.
  • Gaseous Pollutants from Coal Combustion: mechanisms, emission and control of NOx, sox and fine particulate matter from coal/biomass combustion and gasification.
  • Advanced Coal and Biomass Characterisation Techniques: characterising coal matter using automated full phase reflectogram. Characterising mineral matter using CCSEM/QEMSCAN and deposits using TMA.
  • Mineral matter in Coal and Thermal Performance of Boilers: utilisation of the CCSEM data to predict ash deposition problems, Vaporisation of mineral species (based on Thermodynamic equilibrium), ash transformation, developing advanced indices for characterising coals, Ash deposition modeling.
  • Computer Aided Process Design: synthesis and evaluation of flowsheets for clean coal technologies.
  • Heat Transfer Related Projects: modeling of heat transfer in combustion chamber and across ash deposits, radiative transfer in coal fired boilers, scatter of radiation by ash particles, thermal properties of ash.

Keywords: coal/biomass combustion and gasification; greenhouse gas emission mitigation; gaseous pollutants from coal combustion; advanced coal and biomass characterization techniques; mineral matter in coal and thermal performance of boilers; computer aided process design; heat transfer related projects