Randolph Currah


Faculty of Science - Deans Office



Current Research Interests

Topics in the biology of microfungi

Microfungi or "molds" (or more precisely defined as fungi that will grow and exhibit at least one reproductive phenotype in culture) are ubiquitous and many have obvious and profound effects on the balance of nature and the quality of human life. My research program concerns the biology of selected groups and species of microfungi. In my lab, we are particularly interested in their detection, identification and systematics, the tactics they have evolved to maximize dispersal to specific habitats, and how their life histories are interrelated with those of plants and animals. Research is conducted in (but not limited to) the following four areas:

  1. The development (ontogeny) of convergent types of reproductive architecture in the Ascomycota and the significance of derived modifications for dispersal.
  2. The systematics and biology of keratinophilic and keratinolytic fungi, primarily the Onygenales and related anamorphs.
  3. Endophyte diversity in the vascular plants and bryophytes of boreal, alpine and arctic habitats.
  4. Paleomycology.