Ryan Davis


Faculty of Extension - Health Safety Environment & Planning Unit


EXOS 4570 - Introduction to Business Essentials

Understand the essentials of business theory and practices as you explore concepts and tools useful in various organizational settings. Gain an appreciation for decision-making complexity within organizations and organizational networks and apply these skills in business case development. Build critical thinking skills in financial literacy, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and cost-benefit analyses of health and safety initiatives.

EXOS 4621 - Management of Health and Safety Systems

Effectively developing, managing, and measuring the effectiveness of health and safety systems is a challenge for all health and safety professionals. This course will introduce students to the basic issues and provide tools to make the task easier. This course presents an overview of factors influencing the success of health and safety systems. These factors include understanding organizational safety culture, understanding effective and efficient management principles, establishing priorities, measuring program success, presenting information effectively, analyzing financial impacts of programs. This course will provide a basic overview of management skills and principles and how they apply to the development of safety systems within an organization or company. Prerequisite: EXOS 4620

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