Reisa Klein, PhD, MA, BA

Senior Officer, Major Initiatives, Vice-President Research Innovation

Pronouns: She/Her


Senior Officer, Major Initiatives, Vice-President Research Innovation


Area of Study / Keywords

gender intersectionality media cultural studies research design partnership engagement


Experienced in academic research with a strong track record of competitive grants success, and peer-reviewed publications in both English and French. Strong experience in leading, developing, and coordinating large-scale, interdisciplinary Tri-Agency funding grant applications with expertise in research design, partnership engagement, EDI, and knowledge mobilization.


Recent research includes:  The emerging trend of commemorative Holocaust tattoos by descendants of Holocaust survivors, and the social significance of making Jewish identities more visible in a contemporary context of increased antisemitism (SSHRC Insight Development Grant); the healing role of tattooing practices in response to individual and collective trauma including in the contexts of self-harm, sexual assault, systemic racism, and colonization (SSHRC Insight Grant);  and the emerging practice of mastectomy tattoos by breast cancer patients in the cosmetic masking of post-operative mastectomy scars and their implications for a digital feminist body politics (FRQSC, Government of Quebéc).


Past teaching includes gender and science, representations of gender, communication and identity, body politics, visual culture.

Featured Publications

When the phallus is a “dick”: The cultural/material turn to breasts

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Reisa Klein

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Women’s war: Media representations of female civil work during WWI

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La tyrannie de la beauté en production alimentaire

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