Roy Frenzel

ATS Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept


ATS Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept


PSYCH 335 - Introduction to Clinical Psychology

The study of the profession of clinical psychology, including topics such as case studies to examine diagnosis and assessment, judgement and decision making, and psychotherapeutic and community interventions. Prerequisite: PSYCH 239. Not open to students with credit in PSYCH 435. [Faculty of Arts]

PSYCH 403 - Recent Advances in Experimental Psychology: Models and Theories

Discussion of advanced concepts and theories developed by selected fields within experimental psychology. The course will examine the relation between theory and data in these fields. Prerequisites: STAT 141 or 151 or 161 or SCI 151 and a 300-level PSYCH course. Students must check with the Department for the topics for the year and any additional prerequisites. [Faculty of Science]

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