Royston Greenwood


Alberta School of Business - Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management




I completed my PhD in 1976 at the University of Birmingham, England. My fields of interest include the dynamics of organization change, managing professional service firms, and new business ventures.


2021 - 2014 Professorial Fellow, University of Edinburgh

2020 - 2015 Visiting Fellow, University of Cambridge

2019 Best Paper Award, Information and Organization

2019 Best Article Award for "Organizing Refugee Camps: 'Respected Space' and 'Listening Posts'" from the Academy of Management Discoveries

2018 - 2014 Highly Cited Researchers List in Business and Economics recognizing his multiple papers ranking in the top 1% of his field which demonstrates significant research influence among his peers, according to Clarivate Analytics

2018 Honorary Doctorate, University of Zurich

2016 and 2014 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Journal

2015 Pasmore-Woodman Award, Organization Development & Change Division, Academy of Management

2014 Distinguished Scholar Award, Organization & Management Theory Division, Academy of Management

2013 Best Paper Award for "From Practice to Field: A Multilevel Model of Practice-Driven Institutional Change" from Academy of Management Journal

2013 Honorary Member, European Group on Organization Studies (EGOS)

2012 Greif Research Impact Award for "Institutional entrepreneurship in mature fields: The Big Five accounting firms" from the Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management

2011 Award for Scholarly Contribution, Administrative Science Quarterly

2009 Fellow of the Academy of Management

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  • Vol I: Beginning & Elaborations
  • Vol II: Legitimacy, Isomorphism & Diffusion
  • Vol III: Logics and Language, Institutional Entrepreneurship & Change
  • Vol IV: Institutional Entrepreneurship & Change (cont’d)
  • Vol V: Reflections, New Directions

2008-1974: Please see CV above.



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2009-1974: Please see CV above.



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2009 - 1969: Please see CV above.




  • Management of Professional Service Firms
  • Small Business Management
  • Theory of Formal Organization


  • Doctoral Seminar in Organization Theory
  • Doctoral Seminar in Strategic Management
  • Management of Professional Service Firms
  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Introduction to Organization Theory and Administrative Practice
  • Fundamentals of Technology Commercialization
  • Introduction to Management Consulting