Persephone Blue Rivas-Berge

Pronouns: they/her

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Faculty of Arts - Media Tech Studies (MTS)

Faculty of Arts - Womens & Gender Studies


Area of Study / Keywords

Game Design Trans Media Studies Indie Games Tabletop Roleplaying Games Feminist Platform Studies


Dr. Persephone Blue Rivas-Berge ("PS Berge" or just "PB") is an award-winning media scholar, game designer, and self-described ludoarsonist. 🔥 They are an Assistant Professor of Experimental Game Design and is cross-appointed in the Media & Technology Studies Program and the Department of Women's and Gender Studies. She is also the director of the Discord Academic Research Community and a co-founder of Tabletop Research in Practice. Their research concerns the so-called "unplayable," trans game design, feminist platform studies, and toxic technocultures. Their work can be found in New Media & Society, Game Studies, Feminist Media Studies, The Journal of Cinema and Media Studies and more.


DH 530 - Topics in Building in Context

MST 350 - Understanding Video Games

Beginning with an exploration of games in general and leading to modern video games. Prerequisite: CMPUT 250 or consent of the Program. Not open to students with credit in STS 350, STS 351, or MST 351.

MST 399 - Special Topics in Media Studies

Prerequisite: MST 100 or consent of the Program Administrator.

WGS 470 - Sexualities: Special Topics

This course offers advanced examination of selected issues in sexuality studies. Prerequisite: Any 100 or 200 level WGS course, or consent of department.

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Featured Publications

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PS Berge

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Proceedings of the 2022 DiGRA International Conference: Bringing Worlds Together. 2022 July;

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