Randelle Nixon

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Sociology Dept


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Sociology Dept


CSL 100 - An Introduction to Community Engagement

An interdisciplinary introduction to community and civic engagement for students interested in preparing the groundwork for undertaking further experiential educational opportunities (e.g., Internships, Study Abroad, CSL).

Winter Term 2021
SOC 302 - Topics in Sociology

Prerequisite: SOC 100 or consent of the instructor. Note: Consult the Department for any additional prerequisites. Course may be taken more than once if topic(s) vary.

Spring Term 2021
WGS 302 - Feminist Research and Methodologies

Exploration of feminist modes of research inquiry, feminist ethics in research, and critiques of traditional disciplinary approaches to research. Students will develop an understanding of theoretical issues involved in feminist research and will gain practical research skills. Prerequisite: Any 100 or 200 level WSG or W ST course, or departmental consent.

Winter Term 2021
WGS 360 - Race, Class, and Gender

Historical, contemporary and comparative perspectives on the interaction of race, class, and gender experiences. Prerequisite: Any 100 or 200 level WGS or W ST course, or consent of department.

Winter Term 2021

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