Randall Morck

Professor, Department of Finance


Professor, Department of Finance
(780) 492-5683
4-20H Business Building
11203 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2R6




  • Yale - Joint B.Sc. & M.A. (summa cum laude applied mathematics & economics) 1979
  • Harvard - Ph.D. (economics, finance thesis) 1986

Other Hats

    • Yangtse River Visiting Scholar, Wenlan School of Economics, Zhongnan University of Law and Economics, Wuhan, China
    • Research Associate - National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge MA
    • Senior Research Associate - Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA

    • Senior Research Fellow and Vice President, Asian Bureau of Finance and Economics Research, National University of Singapore Business School, Singapore

    • Research Associate - European Corporate Governance Institute, Belgium


    Research Interests

    • Business History
    • Political Economy
    • Corporate Finance


      Teaching Experience

      Undergraduate Level

      • Introductory Corporate Finance (offered this term)
      • Advanced Corporate Finance
      • Investments
      • International Finance


      • Introductory Corporate Finance
      • Mergers & Acquisitions / Corporate Governance
      • Public Sector Financial Management

      Executive Level

      • Introductory Corporate Finance
      • Mergers & Acquisitions / Corporate Governance

      PhD Level

      • Research Topics in Corporate Finance (Fall term 2007)

        Scholarly Activities

        Research - Book Reviews

        Morck, Randall. 2008. Review of Family Values or Crony Capitalism? by Harold James. Capitalism and Society 3(1) article 2.

        Morck, Randall. 2007. Review of Political Power & Corporate Governance, by Gourevitch, Alexis & James Shinn. International History Review 29(1) 223-224.

        Morck, Randall. 2007. Review of The Fable of the Keiretsu: Urban Legends of the Japanese Economy by Yoshiro Miwa & J. Mark Ramseyer. Journal of Economic Literature 45 765-8.

        Morck, Randall. 2006. Review of The Money of Invention: How Venture Capital Creates New Wealth, by Paul Gompers & Joshua Lerner. Journal of Economic Literature 40(4) 1259-62.

        Book Reviews
        Research - Books

        Fan, Joseph & Randall Morck, eds. 2012. Capitalizing China. National Bureau of Economic Research and the University of Chicago Press.

        Morck, Randall & Taehoon Youn, eds. 2009. The Market For Corporate Control: Comparative Perspectives. Korea Development Institute. Seoul.

        Morck, Randall, ed. 2005. A History of Corporate Governance around the World: Family Business Groups to Professional Managers. National Bureau of Economic Research and the University of Chicago Press.

        Morck, Randall, ed. 2000. Concentrated Corporate Ownership. National Bureau of Economic Research and the University of Chicago Press.

        Daniels, Ron & Randall Morck, eds. 1995. Corporate Decision Making in Canada Industry Canada and the University of Calgary Press.

        Lusztig, Peter, Randall Morck & Bernhard Schwab. 1995. Managerial Finance in a Canadian Setting, 5th Edition. John Wiley and Sons.

        Research - Data

        Country-level cross-section of stock returns synchronicity measures and related variables

        Please cite source of data as: Morck, Randall, Bernard Yeung and Wayne Yu. 2000. The Information Content of Stock Markets: Why Do Emerging Markets Have Synchronous Stock Price Movements? Journal of Financial Economics. 58(1) Oct. 215-260.

        Research - Research Papers

        For a complete publication list, please visit: https://randallmorck.ca/research-papers/

        Research Papers
        Research - Working Papers

        Charoenwong, Beng, Randall Morck & Yupana Wiwattanakantang. 2018. Bank of Japan Equity Purchases: The Final Frontier in Extreme Quantitative Easing. Alberta School of Business working paper.

        Fogel, Kathy, Liping Ma & Randall Morck. 2014. Powerful Independent Directors. Alberta School of Business working paper.

        Kandel, Eugene, Konstantin Kosenko, Randall Morck and Yishay Yafeh. 2013. Business Groups in the United States: A Revised History of Corporate Ownership, Pyramids and Regulation, 1930-1950. Alberta School of Business working paper.

        Morck, Randall, M. Deniz Yavuz & Bernard Yeung. 2013. State-controlled Banks and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy. Alberta School of Business working paper.

        • Earlier version circulated as Monetary and Fiscal Stimuli, Ownership Structure and China’s Housing Market. National Bureau of Economic Research working paper 16871.

        Morck, Randall. 2010. Shareholder Democracy in Canada. Alberta School of Business working paper.

        Morck, Randall and Bernard Yeung. 2008. Harmonious Corporate Governance. Presentation to the Beijing Forum in conjunction with the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Beijing.

        Morck, Randall & Masao Nakamura. 2008. Japan’s Development as a Natural Resources Based “Big Push” Success Story. Unpublished manuscript presented at the 2008 American Economic Association meeting.

        Fan, Joseph, Randall Morck, Lixin Colin Xu & Bernard Yeung. 2007. Does ‘Good Government’ Draw Foreign Capital? Explaining China’s Exceptional FDI Inflow. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4206.

        Kim, Jung-Wook, Jason Lee & Randall Morck. 2004. Heterogeneous Investors and their Changing Demand and Supply Schedules for Individual Common Stocks. Alberta School of Business working paper.

        Morck, Randall & Fan Yang. 2002. The Mysterious Growing Value of S&P 500 Membership. Alberta School of Business working paper.

        Working Papers


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