Richard Rothwell




Forest hydrology, watershed management, ecology, silviculture, environmental impacts of land use, reclamation of disturbed forest sites, and agroforestry. Areas of interest and current research: impacts of silvicultural treatments on physical and hydrological soil properties and seedling performance, sediment intrusion of bull trout substrates, impacts of forest harvesting and buffer strips on nutrient fluxes on boreal forest streams and lakes, pulp mill sludge as a soil amendment to enhance growth of hybrid poplar plantations, evapotranspiration recovery following harvest of boreal aspen forests, agroforestry practices of a Mayan village, seed biology and germination of tropical forest trees. Professional and other administrative activities include: Alberta Registered Professional Foresters Association, Faculty liaison for agroforestry activities with Center for Tropical Agriculture and Research (CATIE) in Costa Rica, Chair of Forest Management Steering Committee for Rose Creek Education Forest.