Ross W Wein


Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Renewable Resources Dept



Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Environmental effects of fire, ecology of northern forests and the impact of industry. As a Canadian, he has always maintained an interest in the North, and the book co-edited with D.A. MacLean entitled "The Role of Fire in Northern Circumpolar Ecosystems" and the book co-edited with R.R. Riewe and I.R. Methven entitled "Resources and dynamics of the boreal zone" included his early work. He maintains a strong interest in the circumpolar boreal forest. Current research investigates hypotheses related to the influence of severe fires on plant succession and nutrient cycling in light of changing climates in peatlands, forests and tundra. Field research sites are located in Wood Buffalo National Park and near Inuvik, Northwest Territories. He has always maintained a teaching and research interest in the tropics, especially in East Africa. More recently, he has been supporting urban ecosystem studies and has edited a book entitled "Coyotes still sing in my valley: conserving biodiversity in a northern city." Field sites are in the North Saskatchewan River Valley and the City of Edmonton.