Dean Sarnecki, PhD (Alberta), MRE (Newman), BEd (Alberta)


St Joseph's College


Area of Study / Keywords

Catholic Education Pedagogy Teacher Formation


Dean Sarnecki is an Catholic educator from Sherwood Park, AB. Dean has a BEd (Alberta), MRE (Newman), and PhD (Alberta). He served as a teacher and administrator for Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS), taught religious education and theology at St. Joseph's College and Newman Theological College, and taught for the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. Dean currently is a visiting professor at St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta and is a school trustee for EICS.


Teacher Faith Formation for a Secular Age

Being Catholic in a Secular World

The beliefs of young teachers



CHRTC 410 Integrative Learning in Catholic Education

CHRTC 380 Teaching Religion: Elementary

CHRTC 381 Teaching: Religion Secondary


EDU 300 Context of Education (For the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta)

CHRTC 250 The Theological Education of the Catholic Teacher


CHRTC 381 - Teaching Religion: Secondary

An introduction to Christian religious education for secondary schools with an emphasis on pedagogy, adolescent and young adult development and the religious education curriculum. Not to be taken by students with credit in CHRTC 380.

CHRTC 410 - Integrative Learning in Catholic Education

An integrative course on theory in Catholic education and course-based experiences in local schools. Historical, educational, and professional issues are examined through theological reflection.

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