Shelly Bischoff


Faculty of Extension - Health Safety Environment & Planning Unit


EXOS 4641 - Workplace Wellness: Assessment, Design, and Implementation

Explore the benefits and challenges associated with the design and implementation of health and wellness initiatives and programs in the workplace. Learn evidence-based strategies to assess wellness needs, as well as to design, plan, implement, and strategically position wellness initiatives and programs. Measurement, evaluation, reporting, and sustainability are also reviewed, including benchmarking and using resources and tools to apply knowledge and skills in an integrated approach to health and wellness in the workplace.

EXOS 4642 - Workplace Wellness: Culture and Leadership

Leadership and organizational culture greatly influence the success of health and wellness initiatives and programs. Explore relevant characteristics of workplace culture and learn strategies to assess organizational receptivity to health and wellness. Review the main leadership styles in the workplace, with a focus on how health and wellness professionals can apply to lead wellness initiatives and programs. You will also be introduced to topics such as communication and facilitation strategies, resource tools, industry benchmarking, and employee engagement.

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