Siobhan Byrne, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Political Science Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Political Science Dept



Dr. Siobhan Byrne 

Associate Professor of Political Science

Director of the Certificate in Peace and Post Conflict Studies

University of Alberta

PhD Queen’s University, Canada

MA Queen’s University, Canada

Bachelor of Journalism and Political Science, Carleton University, Canada


My research and teaching sit at the nexus of peace and conflict studies, feminist international relations, and the transitional justice field. Presently, I’m the principal investigator for two SSHRC-funded research projects: in the first project, I’m working with Allison McCulloch to develop a feminist theory of powersharing that brings together consociational approaches to conflict resolution and the UN-led 'women, peace and security' agenda. I'm also completing a manuscript that explores the relationship between identity politics and solidarity in local and transnational feminist peace movements in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland. For further information about my research, please visit:

I particularly welcome applications from prospective graduate students who are interested in themes such as feminist anti-war activism, identity politics in conflict zones, feminist international relations, and peace building and conflict resolution in contemporary cases of conflict.  


My areas of research and teaching expertise include theories of International Relations, particularly feminist and other critical approaches; peace and post conflict studies; conflict resolution and peacebuilding in ethnicized conflicts like Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine and Afghanistan; the international gender, peace and security agenda; local and transnational feminist anti-war activism; and other research topics that relate to themes of gender, militarization and security.

Graduate student supervision:

Sammons, Elise. Lessons from the Past: A comparative analysis of Canadian & American commemorations of the MS St. Louis. University of Alberta, PhD student: 2017-present.

Spanner, Leigh. Gendering the Soldier: Representations of Soldiers in Canada’s Print Media Post 9/11. University of Alberta, PhD candidate: 2012-2019.

Keskin, Emrah. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programs and Reconciliation After Civil War: A Case Study in Bosnia and Herzegovina. University of Alberta, PhD candidate: 2015-present.

Graff-McRae, Dr. Rebecca. "Research Title: 'Neither Prison nor Museum': The Politics of Conflict Memory in Northern Ireland." University of Alberta, SSHRC Postdoctoral fellowship, 2012-14.

Harder, Ardythe. The Role of Narrative in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. University of Alberta, MA (thesis): 2016.

Imasuen, Emmanuelar. An Assessment on the Localization of UNSCR 1325 in Advancing Women, Peace, and Security: A Comparative Analysis of Northern Ireland and Liberia's NAPs. University of Alberta, MA (course-based): 2017.

Gerrits, Bailey. "Political Battlefield: Aggressive Metaphors, Gender and Power in News Coverage of Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Contests." MA, 2013.

Undergraduate student supervision and mentorship:

Clifford, Sarah. Exclusion as Political: Rebuilding the American Masculine Identity Through High School History Textbooks. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2020.

Vargas Alba, Juan. Building Peace During a Climate Crisis: Towards a Framework of Ecological Post-Conflict Transformation in Colombia. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2020.

Bangash, Shireen. Female Perpetrators of Violence: the Case of Iraq. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2017.

Carbonaro, Elisa. Hashtags in Conflict: The Discourse of Feminist Social Media Activism and #BringBackOurGirls. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2016.

Theberge, Renee. Banksy’s Dismaland: Art as a Medium to Document and Provoke in Politics. University of Alberta, BA Honors: 2016.

Kent, Emma. "Project: Mass Organizations and Women's Participation in Development: A Cuban Case Study." University of Alberta. Special undergraduate field research project in Cuba; funded through the University of Alberta Undergraduate Research Initiative, 2013.

Gerrits, Bailey. "Project: Lazy Activism, ‘Corrective’ Rape and the Law: An Analysis of the 2010 Change.Org Petition and Its Impact on Mobilization in South Africa." University of Alberta, BA Honours, 2012.

Wilson, Jeannine. "Project: Haiti from the Ground Up: Ethics of Care and Education Development Goals in Post-Crisis Haiti." University of Alberta, BA Honours, 2011.


POL S 250 - The Politics of Gender

An examination of gender, diversity and relations of power in political life. Prerequisite: POL S 101 or consent of Department.

Fall Term 2021
POL S 261 - International Relations

An introduction to contemporary international relations that attempts to develop an understanding of political events at the international level. The course covers the nature of foreign policy, the dynamics of interactions between states, the causes of war, imperialism and the role of non-state actors. Not to be taken by students with credit in POL S 260. Prerequisite: POL S 101 or consent of Department.

Winter Term 2022
POL S 445 - Topics in Globalization and Governance

A variable content course, which may be repeated if topics vary. Prerequisite: One of POL S 235, 261 (or 230, 240, or 260) or Department consent.

Winter Term 2022
POL S 464 - Gender, Conflict and Security

Approaches and debates in international relations and security studies, such as feminist foreign policy, gender and militarism, anti-war activism, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, feminist intersectional perspectives. Prerequisite: Any 200-level POL S course or consent of the Department.

Fall Term 2021

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