Sameh Elsayed



EXERM 4285 - Environmental Site Assessment and Management

This course is an introduction to common practices within the management of contaminated sites in Alberta. The three part approach for the assessment management of contaminated sites will be covered including: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment, and Risk Management Plans. Alberta Site Assessment standards and the Alberta Tier 1 and 2 soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines will also be covered. Additional topics will include differences between risk management and site remediation with examination of cost considerations within various site remediation components. Case studies will be used to provide a focus on contamination sources, characterization, transportation, and environmental fate in the environment.

Continuing Ed Fall 2020
EXERM 4286 - Remediation Technologies

This course will provide the key points associated with remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater utilizing different remediation technologies. The main processes within remediation (engineering, physical, chemical, biological, and thermal) will be covered. Decision-making factors for choosing the appropriate remediation technology for each site is a focal point in this course. Descriptions, applicability, advantages, limitations, time frames, potential health and safety issues, and cost of various technologies will also be studied. Case studies of contaminated sites with special emphasis on remediation technologies currently available for handling such sites in Alberta will be explored.

Continuing Ed Winter 2021