Jody Shkrobot, BSc

Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences


Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences




Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.Sc. Pharm.), University of Alberta, (1996)

Certification / Licensure:

Pharmacist (Clinical Register), Alberta College of Pharmacists (1996 - Present)

Authorization to Administer Drugs by Injection, Alberta College of Pharmacists (2007 - Present)


President - Alberta Pharmacists Association (2016 - Present)

Director - Alberta Pharmacists Association (2014 -Present)

President - Canadian Pharmacists Association (2011 - 2012)

Director - Canadian Pharmacists Association (2006 - 2013)

Councillor - Alberta Pharmaceutical Association (1998-2000)


PHARM 372 - Pharmacy Management

PHARM 382 - Provincial and Canadian Healthcare

INT D 410 - Interprofessional Health Team Development

INT D 457 - Global Health - China Collaboration


PHARM 220 - Patient Care Skills 1

Introduces students to the patient care process and how to apply it, with an emphasis on creating the patient database in a community pharmacy setting. Students will develop fundamental skills required of a pharmacist including communications skills, interprofessional collaboration, medical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations, and drug information. (Restricted to Pharmacy students.)

Fall Term 2020
PHARM 313 - Behavioural, Administrative, Social and Evidence-based Pharmacy 4

Topics covered include application of pharmacy practice management and patient safety culture to pharmacy practice across settings. Skill development in engaging with patient's specific cultural or communication needs, working in groups, shared decision making, and appraising synthesized resources and observational research. (Restricted to Pharmacy students.)

Winter Term 2021


Chapter 21. Pharmacy Management in Canada
Author(s): Shkrobot J, Hindmarsh KW (Ed)
Publication Date: 2015
Page Numbers: 197-201