Malik Shukayev, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept



I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta. I graduated with a PhD (2005) degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities and with an MA (1997) degree in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. My undergraduate degree in Engineering is from the Kazakh National Technical University, Kazakhstan. Before coming to Alberta in 2016, I was a researcher at the Bank of Canada.


My general research fields are macroeconomics and monetary economics. I primarily work with general equilibrium models in order to analyze monetary, fiscal and macroprudential policies. 


I have taught economics since 1997 at both the undergraduate and graduate level. My current courses include intermediate macroeconomics, macroeconomic policy, and monetary economics.


ECON 485 - Macroeconomic Policy

Analysis of the objectives, instruments and methods of macroeconomics policy using contemporary macroeconomics theory and examples from the policy experience of Canada and other nations. Prerequisites: ECON 109 and ECON 385.

Fall Term 2021
ECON 540 - Monetary Economics I

Prerequisites: ECON 481 and 482.

Fall Term 2021

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The Extensive Margin of Trade and Monetary Policy
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A stochastic dynamic model of trade and growth: Convergence and diversification
Author(s): Partha Chatterjee and Malik Shukayev
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Collateralized borrowing and risk taking at low interest rates
Author(s): Simona Cociuba, Malik Shukayev, Alexander Ueberfeldt
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Volume: 85
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Optimal Price-Level Drift under Commitment in the Canonical New Keynesian Model
Author(s): Robert Amano, Steven Ambler, Malik Shukayev
Publication: Canadian Journal of Economics
Volume: 45
Issue: 3
External Link:
Risk Premium Shocks and the Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates
Author(s): Robert Amano, Malik Shukayev
Publication: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
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