Jordana Salma, PhD, MN, RN

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Pronouns: she/her


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 - 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 1C9


Area of Study / Keywords

Aging Migration Transnationalism Intersectionality Post-Colonial Theory Community-based participatory methods Qualitative methods



  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Alberta, Health and Immigration Policies and Practices Research Program (2017-2018)
  • PhD, Nursing, University of Alberta (2017)
  • MN, Nursing, University of Alberta (2009)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Honors Program, Lebanese University, Beirut (2005)


My program of research (IREA: Implementing Research for Equity in Aging) focuses on the health and well being of immigrant and racialized older adults in Canada. I am particularly interested in exploring cross-cultural and transnational dimensions of aging and the ways dominant health and immigration policies, practices, and discourses shape aging experiences. A second major component of my research program involves community-based and co-designed intervention research to promote social connectedness, physical activity, and chronic disease management in diverse older adults. I have also collaborated on research related to immigrant women, youths, and families. The majority of my research to date has been with African, South Asian, Arab, and Muslim populations. I draw from Feminist, Transnational, and Post-Colonial perspectives and my methodological expertise is in qualitative and participatory methods. I have led projects using interpretive description, thematic analysis, community-based participatory approaches, and mixed-methods. I have experience managing qualitative data in non-English languages where I collected and analyzed data in Arabic and worked extensively with community interpreters across multiple languages.

Current Funded Research Projects:

  • Salma, J. (PI), Kleib, M., & Hongmei, T. (2020-2023). Exploring Information and Communication Technology Use and Digital Learning in Older Arab Immigrants: A Community-Based Participatory Research Project. SSHRC Insight Development Grant, $59,047. 

  • Salma, J. (PI), Hongmei, T., Kennedy, M., Jones, A., Haidong, L., Meherali, S., Khan, S., Flynn, R., & Chamberlain, S. (2020- 2021). Does it Work and for Whom? A Realist Systematic Review of Interventions to Promote Physical Activity in Immigrant Older Adults. Seniors Health SCN, Alberta, Knowledge Synthesis Grant, $14,900

  • Salma, J. (PI), & Kobayashi, K. (2020-2023). Muslim Women in Canada: Understanding and Mobilizing for Social Connectedness in Older Age. SSHRC, Insight Grant, $99,835.

  • Guruge, S. (PI), Sethi, B., Walsh, C., Cloutier, D., Tong, H., Ferrer, I., Ploeg, J., Shields, J., Salma, J. (Co-Investigator), Kobayashi, K., Laquerre, V., Markle-Reid, M., Charpentier, M., St-Amant , O., Massoui, S., Agrawal, S., Koehn, S., Hordyk, S., Chau, S., Sidani, S., Zhuang, Z. (2020-2027). Inclusive Communities for Older Immigrants (ICOI): Developing Multi-level, Multi-Component Interventions to Reduce Social Isolation and Promote Connectedness Among Older Immigrants in Canada. SSHRC Partnership Grant-Stage 2, $2,499,970.

  •  Yamamoto, S., Allyson, J., Osornio Vargas, A.,Sapkota, B., Hodgins, S., & Salma, J. (Co-Investigator). (2020-2021). Mind the Gap: Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability Across Populations. SSHRC-Knowledge Synthesis Grant. $50,000.

  • Yamamoto, S (PI), Salma, J. (Co-PI), Bulut, O., & Jones, A. (2019-2021). Building Community Climate Change Knowledge and Resilience in Older Adults and Immigrants. Commission for Environmental Cooperation, North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action, $155,000.

  • Tong, H. (PI), Salma, J. (Co-Investigator), Turcotte, K., & Dhungel, R. (2019-2021). Using intergenerational digital storytelling to understand social isolation, loneliness, and resilience among Chinese immigrants: a pilot community-based participatory study. SSHRC Institutional Grant, MacEwan University, $16,300.

  • Yamamoto, S (PI), Salma, J. (Co-PI), Bulut, O., & Jones, A. (2019-2021). Climate Change, Older Adults and Immigrants: Exploring Community Vulnerability and Resilience. Cities IPCC Legacy Research Grant Program, $50,000.


 My philosophy of teaching builds on Feminist tenets of empowerment, reciprocity, and reflexivity. I aim to create safe spaces for learning inside and outside the classroom. I have taught NURS 311 ( Evidence-Informed Nursing Practice), NURS 221 (Introduction to Acute Care Nursing), NURS 502 (Nature of Nursing Knowledge), NURS 513 (Qualitative Research Methods), and NURS 546 (Philosophy of Teaching).


I am currently accepting graduate students with interests in social dimensions of aging, chronic disease management, and immigrant/racialized older adults' health. I am especially seeking masters students who wish to complete a thesis and doctoral students. Students will have the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary research teams on a diverse range of projects where they will be exposed to writing for publication, integrated-knowledge translation activities, community-based participatory research activities with diverse ethno-cultural and immigrant communities, and qualitative/mixed research methods.


NURS 595 - Foundations of Scholarship/Critical Thought

Develop critical thinking skills through exposure to approaches to knowledge and knowledge production in diverse disciplines and cultures, including Indigenous ways of knowing. Emphasis is placed on issues of inequality, inclusion, and power in knowledge production, and systematic scholarly analyses of everyday nursing experiences.

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A Qualitative Exploration of Immigrant Muslim Older Adults’ Experiences and Perceptions of Physical Activity.

Author(s): Salma, J., Jones, A., Ali, S., Salami, B., & Yamamoto, S.
Publication Date: 5/5/2020
Publication: Journal of Aging and Physical Activity
External Link:

We Are Like Any Other People but We Don't Cry Much Because Nobody Listens.

Author(s): Salma, J. & Salami, B.
Publication Date: 1/16/2020
Publication: The Gerontologist
Volume: 60
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 279-290
External Link:

Growing old is not for the weak of heart”: Social isolation and loneliness in Muslim immigrant older adults in Canada.

Author(s): Salma, J. & Salami, B.
Publication Date: 11/21/2019
Publication: Health & Social Care in the Community
Volume: 28
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 615-623
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Social Dimensions of Health Across the Life Course: Experiences of Engaging in Health-Promoting Practices in Middle-Aged and Older Arab Immigrant Women.

Author(s): Salma, J., Keating, N., Ogilvie, L., & Hunter, K. F.
Publication Date: 12/12/2018
Publication: Nursing Inquiry
Volume: 25
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Page Numbers: e12226
External Link:|