Jordana Salma, PhD, MN, RN

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Pronouns: she/her


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 - 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 1C9


Area of Study / Keywords

Aging Migration Transnationalism Intersectionality Post-Colonial Theory Community-based participatory methods Qualitative methods



  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Alberta, Health and Immigration Policies and Practices Research Program (2017-2018)
  • PhD, Nursing, University of Alberta (2017)
  • MN, Nursing, University of Alberta (2009)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Honors Program, Lebanese University, Beirut (2005)


My program of research (IREA: Implementing Research for Equity in Aging) focuses on the health and well being of immigrant and racialized older adults in Canada. I am particularly interested in exploring cross-cultural and transnational dimensions of aging and the ways dominant health and immigration policies, practices, and discourses shape aging experiences. A second major component of my research program involves community-based and co-designed intervention research to promote social connectedness, physical activity, and chronic disease management in diverse older adults. I have also collaborated on research related to immigrant women, youths, and families. The majority of my research to date has been with African, South Asian, Arab, and Muslim populations. I draw from Feminist, Transnational, and Post-Colonial perspectives and my methodological expertise is in qualitative and participatory methods. I have led projects using interpretive description, thematic analysis, community-based participatory approaches, and mixed-methods. I have experience managing qualitative data in non-English languages where I collected and analyzed data in Arabic and worked extensively with community interpreters across multiple languages.

Current Funded Research Projects:

  • Salma, J. (PI), Kleib, M., & Hongmei, T. (2020-2023). Exploring Information and Communication Technology Use and Digital Learning in Older Arab Immigrants: A Community-Based Participatory Research Project. SSHRC Insight Development Grant, $59,047. 

  • Salma, J. (PI), Hongmei, T., Kennedy, M., Jones, A., Haidong, L., Meherali, S., Khan, S., Flynn, R., & Chamberlain, S. (2020- 2021). Does it Work and for Whom? A Realist Systematic Review of Interventions to Promote Physical Activity in Immigrant Older Adults. Seniors Health SCN, Alberta, Knowledge Synthesis Grant, $14,900

  • Salma, J. (PI), & Kobayashi, K. (2020-2023). Muslim Women in Canada: Understanding and Mobilizing for Social Connectedness in Older Age. SSHRC, Insight Grant, $99,835.

  • Guruge, S. (PI), Sethi, B., Walsh, C., Cloutier, D., Tong, H., Ferrer, I., Ploeg, J., Shields, J., Salma, J. (Co-Investigator), Kobayashi, K., Laquerre, V., Markle-Reid, M., Charpentier, M., St-Amant , O., Massoui, S., Agrawal, S., Koehn, S., Hordyk, S., Chau, S., Sidani, S., Zhuang, Z. (2020-2027). Inclusive Communities for Older Immigrants (ICOI): Developing Multi-level, Multi-Component Interventions to Reduce Social Isolation and Promote Connectedness Among Older Immigrants in Canada. SSHRC Partnership Grant-Stage 2, $2,499,970.

  •  Yamamoto, S., Allyson, J., Osornio Vargas, A.,Sapkota, B., Hodgins, S., & Salma, J. (Co-Investigator). (2020-2021). Mind the Gap: Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability Across Populations. SSHRC-Knowledge Synthesis Grant. $50,000.

  • Yamamoto, S (PI), Salma, J. (Co-PI), Bulut, O., & Jones, A. (2019-2021). Building Community Climate Change Knowledge and Resilience in Older Adults and Immigrants. Commission for Environmental Cooperation, North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action, $155,000.

  • Tong, H. (PI), Salma, J. (Co-Investigator), Turcotte, K., & Dhungel, R. (2019-2021). Using intergenerational digital storytelling to understand social isolation, loneliness, and resilience among Chinese immigrants: a pilot community-based participatory study. SSHRC Institutional Grant, MacEwan University, $16,300.

  • Yamamoto, S (PI), Salma, J. (Co-PI), Bulut, O., & Jones, A. (2019-2021). Climate Change, Older Adults and Immigrants: Exploring Community Vulnerability and Resilience. Cities IPCC Legacy Research Grant Program, $50,000.


 My philosophy of teaching builds on Feminist tenets of empowerment, reciprocity, and reflexivity. I aim to create safe spaces for learning inside and outside the classroom. I have taught NURS 311 ( Evidence-Informed Nursing Practice), NURS 221 (Introduction to Acute Care Nursing), NURS 502 (Nature of Nursing Knowledge), NURS 513 (Qualitative Research Methods), and NURS 546 (Philosophy of Teaching).


I am currently accepting graduate students with interests in social dimensions of aging, chronic disease management, and immigrant/racialized older adults' health. I am especially seeking masters students who wish to complete a thesis and doctoral students. Students will have the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary research teams on a diverse range of projects where they will be exposed to writing for publication, integrated-knowledge translation activities, community-based participatory research activities with diverse ethno-cultural and immigrant communities, and qualitative/mixed research methods.


NURS 200 - Innovation, Systems Thinking and Leadership in Healthcare

An introduction to the concepts of innovation, health technology, systems thinking and relational leadership in a healthcare context. The course develops the knowledge, skills and values that foster personal capacity for innovation and relational leadership. Note: Available only to nursing students in the Collaborative Program.

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A Qualitative Exploration of Immigrant Muslim Older Adults’ Experiences and Perceptions of Physical Activity.

Author(s): Salma, J., Jones, A., Ali, S., Salami, B., & Yamamoto, S.
Publication Date: 5/5/2020
Publication: Journal of Aging and Physical Activity
External Link:

We Are Like Any Other People but We Don't Cry Much Because Nobody Listens.

Author(s): Salma, J. & Salami, B.
Publication Date: 1/16/2020
Publication: The Gerontologist
Volume: 60
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 279-290
External Link:

Growing old is not for the weak of heart”: Social isolation and loneliness in Muslim immigrant older adults in Canada.

Author(s): Salma, J. & Salami, B.
Publication Date: 11/21/2019
Publication: Health & Social Care in the Community
Volume: 28
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 615-623
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Social Dimensions of Health Across the Life Course: Experiences of Engaging in Health-Promoting Practices in Middle-Aged and Older Arab Immigrant Women.

Author(s): Salma, J., Keating, N., Ogilvie, L., & Hunter, K. F.
Publication Date: 12/12/2018
Publication: Nursing Inquiry
Volume: 25
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Page Numbers: e12226
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