Susan Mulholland, MScRehab, BScOT

Calgary Coordinator BScOT, MScRehab, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Occupational Therapy


Calgary Coordinator BScOT, MScRehab, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Occupational Therapy
(403) 827-9033
333 UofC Downtown
906 - 8TH Ave SW
Calgary AB
T2P 1H9



- Master of Science in Rehabilitation, Queen's University.  The design and development of an appropriate wheeled mobility device for women with disabilities in India: A rehabilitation perspective.

- Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto 


Key areas include;

Technology and application in rehabilitation as well as teaching/learning.

Use of Virtual Reality particularly related to teaching/learning.

(ntersection of urban design (eg, public spaces, community) and health.


OCCTH 503 - Professionalism and the Intentional Relationship in Occupational Therapy Practice

Underpinned by theoretical perspectives, a framework is provided for students to (a) understand, develop and demonstrate professionalism, (b) learn the parameters, behaviours and skills that comprise professional practice, including therapeutic use of self and the organizations and documents that support and guide Canadian occupational therapists, and (c) work effectively with colleagues and with those they will supervise. Students participate in one week of fieldwork.

OCCTH 507 - Occupation and Society: Theory and Practice

Theory and philosophies underpinning occupational therapy and occupational science.

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Six years of a satellite university program - What have we learnt?

Author(s): Mulholland S, Coutts K, Hinrichs J, Froese D, Rajan S, Esmail S.
Publication Date: 2019
Publication: Occupational Therapy Now
Volume: 21
Issue: 3
Page Numbers: 28-29

Exploring the integration of internationally educated occupational therapists into the workforce.

Author(s): Mulholland S, Dietrich T, Bressler S, Corbett K.
Publication Date: 2013
Publication: Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy
Volume: 80
Issue: 1
Page Numbers: 8-18