Kristine Smitka, PhD (UofA), MA (UofA), BA (SFU)

ATS Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - English & Film Studies Dept


ATS Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - English & Film Studies Dept



Kristine Smitka is an Associate Lecturer and the First-Year Coordinator in the Department of English and Film Studies. With a focus on Canadian literature and book history, she has published on Marshall McLuhan’s academic and artistic networks, Sheila Watson’s little-known fascination with photography, and McClelland and Stewart’s publication scheme for Leonard Cohen’s controversial novel Beautiful Losers. Her current research interests include critical university studies and precarious academic labour. She is the Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) Director for the AASUA and sits on the Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Committee for the CAUT.


She has taught a wide range of classes in EFS, including Canadian literature (ENGL 378, 376, 375, 374, and 373); book history (ENGL 397); popular culture (ENGL 384); and narrative theory (ENGL 219). As first-year coordinator, she frequently teaches writing-intensive classes at the 100-level and enjoys the opportunity to work with students from across campus.


ENGL 373 - Colonialism and Canadian Literatures

A consideration of literature's role in and responses to settler colonialism; material includes both pre- and post-1900 texts. Prerequisite: *6 of junior English, or *3 of junior English plus WRS 101 or 102.

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Counterblasting Canada: Marshall McLuhan, Wyndham Lewis, Wilfred Watson, and Sheila Watson

Author(s): Eds. Gregory Betts, Paul Hjartarson, Kristine Smitka
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“The Sublation of Obduracy: Nationalism and the Avant-Garde Marketing of Beautiful Losers.” in Avant Canada: Poets, Prophets, Revolutionaries, Edited by Gregory Betts and Christian Bök.

Author(s): Kristine Smitka
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