Shannon Sookochoff, MEd Curriculum and Instruction

Pronouns: she, her, hers


Faculty of Education - Secondary Education Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Rich Tasks Mathematics for Civil Discourse Proving Equity in Education Online Education


I taught high school mathematics for from 1992 to 2020 with Edmonton Public Schools and participated in action research while in the classroom looking at topics such as proving, visual reasoning, online education, and inquiry-based instruction. My graduate work (1997-2000) revolved around polynomial mathematics using hand-made manipulatives to bridge the learning from concrete to pictorial to symbolic. In my last years in the classroom, I taught a small group of student survivors of trauma in a school whose population was largely indigenous. I retired in 2020 to pursue reconciliation and climate justice. I currently teach part time with the U of A in Secondary Education and run a vacation rental which focuses on sustainable practices. I have six pets and I play the ukulele as well as can be expected.


EDSE 337 - Curriculum and Teaching for Secondary School Mathematics Majors I

Prerequisites: *9 in the Major subject area, EDPY 304, EDU 100/300, 210, and 211. Corequisite: Courses in the Introductory Professional Term (IPT) for the Secondary Education Route. Successful completion of the on-campus portion of the IPT is expected prior to being granted permission to continue into EDFX 350. Note: Not open to first year students.

EDSE 338 - Curriculum and Teaching for Secondary School Mathematics Minors

Prerequisite: *9 in the Minor subject area; pre/corequisite: EDU 100 or 300, EDU 210, and EDU 211. Note: EDSE 338 is not open to first year students or students whose Major is Mathematics.

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