Sandra Rein

Associate Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences
Associate Dean, Research, Augustana - Research OR Teaching & Research


Associate Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences
(780) 679-1553
Founders' Hall, 4-30 AG01 Founders Hall
4901-46 Ave
Camrose AB
T4V 2R3

Associate Dean, Research, Augustana - Research OR Teaching & Research


AUIDS 101 - Topics in Liberal Studies

Selected topics that highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the Liberal Arts and Sciences. This seminar-style class is a key aspect of the Augustana First Year Experience. The focus and content of each course are determined by faculty interests, and vary from year to year.

Fall Term 2020
AUPOL 103 - Introduction to Global and Political Studies

Introduction to the ideas and key concepts that comprise the vocabulary of global and political studies. The course considers such ideas as democracy, order, power, authority, justice, freedom, development, globalization and equality.

Fall Term 2020 Winter Term 2021
AUPOL 240 - Introduction to International Relations I

Introduction to the key themes in the study of relations between states and other key actors engaged in world politics. Students will study the historical evolution of the international system; key theories of international relations; and major institutions such as the United Nations. Prerequisite: One of AUPOL 103, 104, consent of the Instructor.

Fall Term 2020
AUPOL 341 - The Global South and World Politics

Entry of the non-Western world into international relations, economic and political relations between North and South, and diplomacy in an age of tremendous inequality, cultural diversity, and pressing global problems such as the environment.

Winter Term 2021

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