Shannon Scott, RN, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Nursing


Professor, Faculty of Nursing
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My ECHO (translating Evidence in Child Health to improve Outcomes) research program focuses on knowledge translation in pediatric health settings to improve outcomes for children, their families, and the health care system. The goal of knowledge translation activities is to increase the use of relevant knowledge, commonly research, among clinicians, managers, administrators, and policy makers. Knowledge translation problems are complex because they involve behavior change among providers working in complex and high velocity health care organizations. In my research program, I explore the reasons why research is used or not and what facilitates and hinders this process, with a particular focus on elements of the context or work environment.



Principal Investigator

  • Scott, S.D., Hartling, L. (2018). Distinguished Researcher Funding. Women and Children’s Health Research Institute & Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation ($1,000,000). 2019-2024.
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  • Scott. S.D. (2018). Faculty of Nursing CRC Support ($100,000). 2018-2023.
  • Scott, S.D. (2018). Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) for KT in Child Health, Renewal 2018-2023, Government of Canada ($500,000).
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  • Scott, S.D & Hartling L. (2016). Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids renewal. Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (matched dollars, $150,000). 2016/04-2019/04.


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INT D 690 - Topics in Knowledge Utilization

This course examines the scientific, theoretical, and historical underpinnings of the distinct but related fields of knowledge utilization, knowledge translation and innovation diffusion. Attention is given to contemporary manifestations in Canadian society such as evidence-based/evidence-informed decision-making, and in health care such as evidence-based medicine, and evidence-based practice. Particular attention will be given to the challenges of knowledge use in complex organizations and in the use of strategies to increase the use of knowledge, primarily although not exclusively the use of scientific knowledge. The course will focus on the central conceptual and methodological challenges in the field.

Fall Term 2020


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