Susan Slaughter, PhD, RN, GNC(C)


Faculty of Nursing
(780) 492-7321
4-017F Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 - 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 1C9




  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Knowledge Translation, University of Alberta, 2010
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary, 2008
  • Master of Science in Nursing (Applied), McGill University, 1982
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Honours), Queen's University, 1978

Selected Honors

  • Mary Morrison Davis Award of Excellence, Alberta Association on Gerontology, 2016
  • Elizabeth Dickson KT Fellowship Supplement, 2008
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute of Aging, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2008-10
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, 2008-10


Classification schemes for knowledge translation interventions: A practical resource for researchers

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Publication Date: 2018
Publication: BMC Medical Research Methodology
Volume: 17:61
External Link:

Inadequate fluid intake in long term care residents: Prevalence and determinants.

Author(s): 7. Namasivayam, A., Slaughter, S.E., Morrison, J., Steele, C.M., Carrier, N., Lengyel, C., Keller, H.H
Publication Date: 2018
Publication: Geriatric Nursing
External Link:

Knowledge translation interventions to sustain direct care provider behaviour change in long-term care: A process evaluation

Author(s): 12. Slaughter, S.E., Bampton, E., Erin, D.F., Ickert, C., Wagg, A.S., Jones, C.A., Schalm, C., & Estabrooks, C.A.
Publication Date: 2017
Publication: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
External Link: DOI: 10.1111/jep.12784

Prevalence and determinants of poor food intake of residents living in long term care.

Author(s): 13. Keller, H., Carrier, N., Slaughter, S.E., Lengyel, C., Steele, C., Duizer, L., Morrison, J., Brown, S., Chaudhury, H., Yoon, M., Duncan, A., Boscart, V., Heckman, G., Villalon, L.
Publication Date: 2017
Publication: Journal of the American Medical Directors Association
Volume: 18
Issue: 11
Page Numbers: 941-947
External Link:

Mobility of Vulnerable Elders (MOVE) study: Effect of the sit-to-stand activity on mobility, function and quality of life

Author(s): Slaughter SE, Wagg A, Jones A, Schopflocher D, Ickert C, Bampton E, Jantz A, Milke D, Schalm C, Lycar C, Estabrooks C
Publication Date: 2015
Publication: Journal of the American Medical Directors Association