Shauna Wilton, PhD, MA, BA

Associate Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences


Associate Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences
(780) 679-1154
2-146 AG26 Forum
4901-46 Ave
Camrose AB
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I am on sabbatical from July 1, 2017 until July 1, 2018. During this time, the best way to contact me is by email. 


Research Areas: Nationalism and the politics of Identity; Women and Politics; Family Policy; Motherhood; Popular Culture; Scholarship of teaching; Canada, Sweden & Europe

Recent Publications:

Osborne, Geraint and Shauna Wilton. 2017. “Professing in the Local Press: Professors and Public Responsibilities.” Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship. 10:1.  

Wilton, Shauna & Lynda Ross. 2017. Flexibility, Sacrifice and Insecurity: A Canadian Study Assessing the Challenges of Balancing Work and Family in Academia. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy. DOI: 10.1080/08952833.2016.1272663

Wilton, Shauna. 2016. “‘Our Home and Native Land’: Invocations of the land within political campaign materials.” in Landscapes and Landmarks of Canada: real, imagined, (re)viewed, ed. Jane Koustas and Munroe Eagles. Waterloo, ON: WLUP. 77-91 

Ross, Lynda & Shauna Wilton. 2016. Gendered roles, gendered jobs: Challenges facing parents with/in academia. Journal of Mother Studies. 1 (1). 

Wilton, Shauna. 2015. “A Very Useful Engine: The Politics of Thomas and Friends” in The Politics of Popular Culture: Negotiating Power, Identity, and Place. Ed. Tim Neiguth. MQUP.

Wilton, Shauna. 2012. “Bound from Head to Toe: The Sari as an Expression of Gendered National Identity.” Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism. 12(1): 190-205. 


Teaching Areas: Gender and Politics; Culture and Politics; Ethnicity and Politics; Law and Politics, Comparative Politics

Courses taught:

AUIDS 100: The World in Progress: Introduction to Inquiry in the Social Sciences

AUIDS/CRI 160: Crime and Community

AUPOL 250: Introduction to Comparative Politics

AUPOL 329: Politics & Culture

AUPOL 350: European Politics

AUPOL/CRI 353: Law & Politics

AUPOL 355: Gender & Politics

AUPOL/CRI 453: Women and Law

AUPOL 455: Ethnicity and Politics


AUCRI 160 - Introduction to Crime, Correction, and Community

Introduction to crime and correction in Canada. The theory and practice accompanying law enforcement, trial, correctional intervention, and probation and parole are analyzed by drawing from a range of disciplinary traditions such as ethical reflection, psychological theory, social and political thought, and biological understandings of criminality. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUCRI 160 and AUIDS 160.

Winter Term 2021
AUIDS 100 - The World in Progress: Inquiry in the Social Sciences

This course introduces students to inquiry in the social sciences, while enabling them to develop their core academic skills. This course is not an in-depth introduction to the various disciplinary fields within the social sciences, but rather a transdisciplinary introduction to the social sciences as a whole within the context of the liberal arts.

Fall Term 2020
AUIDS 101 - Topics in Liberal Studies

Selected topics that highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the Liberal Arts and Sciences. This seminar-style class is a key aspect of the Augustana First Year Experience. The focus and content of each course are determined by faculty interests, and vary from year to year.

Fall Term 2020
AUPOL 250 - Introduction to Comparative Politics

An introduction to the theory and methods of the comparative study of political systems. The course focuses on institutional structures, political participation, political outcomes and contemporary political issues in a variety of countries in both the Global North and South. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUPOL 104 (2018) and AUPOL 250.

Winter Term 2021
AUPOL 355 - Gender and Politics

Exploration of the social and political construction of gender and the impact of gender on politics through an examination of gender with regards to one or more of the following areas: representation, social policy, feminist political thought, international relations, development, and/or globalization. Prerequisite: One of AUPOL 103, 104 (2018), AUIDS 230.

Fall Term 2020
AUSSC 300 - Selected Topics in Social Sciences

Selected topics in the study of Social Sciences. Content may vary from course to course. Topics and credit value announced prior to registration period. Prerequisite: Varies according to topic.

Winter Term 2021