Tim Hannigan, D.Phil, M.Sc, B.A. (Hons)

Assistant Professor, Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management


Assistant Professor, Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management
(780) 248-1190
2-32H Business Building
11203 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2R6



Timothy R. Hannigan’s research and teaching interests at the Alberta School of Business surround innovation, entrepreneurship and the dynamics of organizational discontinuities. His primary stream focuses on the pragmatic use of provisional knowledge (i.e., rumors and propositions) in sensemaking within contexts characterized by uncertainty such as open innovation, market pre-history, scandal, and early stage entrepreneurial ecosystems. His secondary stream focuses on the interplay between facts and interpretation in determining organizational and reputational outcomes in organizations and social media. Dr. Hannigan employs a combination of big data/ machine learning computational text analysis techniques and qualitative research methods. 

Before joining University of Alberta, Tim attended the Queen’s University (BA Hons), London School of Economics and Political Science (MSc) and University of Oxford (PhD). He is currently an Assistant Professor of Organization Theory and Entrepreneurship at the Alberta School of Business.

Publications authored by Dr. Hannigan can be found in leading journals such as Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Review, Research Policy, Behavioral Science & Policy and Big Data & Society.

Research Interests

Organization Theory, Wrongdoing, Scandal, Corporate Reputation, Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Network Analysis, Content Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Topic Modeling 

Recent Publications

Hannigan, T.R., Wang, M.S., Steele, C.W.J., Seidel, M.D.L., Cervantes, E., Jennings, P.D. (2020) A community-based sociocultural network approach to controlling COVID-19 contagion: Seven suggestions for improving policy. Behavioral science & policy.

Seidel, V. P., Hannigan, T.R, & Phillips, N. (2020). Rumor communities, social media, and forthcoming innovations: The shaping of technological frames in product market evolution. Academy of Management Review

Hannigan, T.R., Haans, R.F.J., Vakili, K., Tchalian, H., Glaser, V.G., Wang, M., Kaplan, S., & Jennings, P.D. (2019) Topic Modeling in Management Research: Rendering New Theory from Textual Data. Academy of Management Annals.

Hannigan, T. R., & Casasnovas, G. (2021). New structuralism and field emergence: The co-constitution of meanings and actors in the early moments of social impact investing. In C. W. J. Steele, T. R. Hannigan, V. Glaser, M. Toubiana, & J. Gehman (eds.), Macrofoundations: Exploring the institutionally situated nature of activity (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 68, pp. 147–183). Bingley: Emerald Publishing.

Steele, C. & Hannigan, T.R. (2021). Integrating and complicating the micro- and macro- ‘foundations’ of institutions: towards a more optometric institutionalism and an institutionalist optometry. In C. W. J. Steele, T. R. Hannigan, V. Glaser, M. Toubiana, & J. Gehman (eds.), Macrofoundations: Exploring the institutionally situated nature of activity (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 68, pp. 19-46). Bingley: Emerald Publishing.

Steele, C., Hannigan, T.R., Toubiana, M., Glaser, V., & Gehman, J. (2020). Macrofoundations: Exploring the Institutionally Situated Nature of ActivityIn C. W. J. Steele, T. R. Hannigan, V. Glaser, M. Toubiana, & J. Gehman (eds.), Macrofoundations: Exploring the institutionally situated nature of activity (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 68, pp. 3-16). Bingley: Emerald Publishing.

Glaser, V.L., Valadao, R. & Hannigan, T.R. (2020) Algorithms and Routine Dynamics, in Cambridge Handbook of Routine Dynamics.

Hannigan, T.R., Seidel, V.P., & Yakis-Douglas, B. (2018). Product Innovation Rumors as Forms of Open Innovation. Research Policy, 47 (5), 953-964. 

Hannigan, T.R. (2016). Categories. In C. Carroll (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of corporate reputation (pp. 102-104). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. 

Hannigan, T.R. (2015). Close encounters of the conceptual kind: Disambiguating social structure from text. Big Data & Society, 2(2).


2020 Academy of Management Review (AMR) Developmental Reviewer Award

OMT Above and Beyond the Call of Duty reviewing award, Academy of Management Meetings, Boston (2019).

Best Paper Proceedings for the Academy of Management Meetings, Vancouver, BC. "The Social Construction of Scandal: the Role of Media in the British Parliamentary Expense Affair" (2015).

Best Paper Prize, Woxbridge Doctoral Conference, Warwick, UK (2011).

Best MSc. Dissertation, Information Systems, London School of Economics (2007).


SMO 330 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This is an interdisciplinary course for students interested in developing an idea for a new product or service into a market reality and an investable story. This course is about developing the analytical and conceptual skills required to assess the potential for a new venture. Working on a team composed of students from across different faculties, students will generate an idea, use business modeling techniques to flesh out that idea and define a venture opportunity, move through the customer research and development process in order to assess how to improve their new venture concept, and pitch their idea. Topics covered in this course will include: idea generation, business-model development, market definition, customer discovery, competitive analysis, and resource development. Open to students in any Faculty with the consent of the Department. Not open to students in first year.

Fall Term 2020
SMO 431 - New Venture Creation and Organization

This course explores how small businesses are created and operated. Topics include the entrepreneurial process, opportunity recognition, business planning, mobilizing resources and organization creation. Prerequisite: FIN 301, and SMO 201, 301 or 310.

Fall Term 2020 Winter Term 2021

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