Tracey Hillier, BScN, MD, CCFP, FRCPC, MEdHSE

/Tracey Hilly-er/

Executive Dean and Director, Alberta Instititue , Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - MED International
Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Dept

Pronouns: she/her/hers/iskwêw;


Executive Dean and Director, Alberta Instititue , Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - MED International

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Collaborative Curriculum Development Student led curricular change Social Accountability Indigenous Health Equity Diversity& Inclusion Community Engagement Medical Humanities Assessment for Learning Education Quality Improvement International Medical Education Mental Health Indigenous Methodology Professionalism Ethics Radiology Computer-Based Assessment


Executive Dean and Director of the Alberta Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, an international medical school collaboration between the University of Alberta and Wenzhou Medical University. Co-director of Situated Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples and Place (SKIPP) for the University of Alberta. 

I was born and raised in Stephenville, Newfoundland, a small town on the island's west coast in traditional Mi'kmaq territory and belong to the Qalipu First Nation. In addition to my academic career, I was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 27 years. I joined the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in 2012 and was the first Indigenous Associate Dean for an MD Program in Canada.  

I completed an MD degree (1997) and a residency in family medicine (1999) at McMaster University. I practiced family medicine in St Albert, Alberta, and at the Canadian Forces Base in Edmonton. I later completed a radiology and diagnostic imaging residency at the University of Alberta and a fellowship in emergency trauma and cardiac radiology at the University of British Columbia (2011). I completed a Master's in Education (Health Sciences Education) from the University of Alberta (2016). I am a member of the Indigenous Advisory Council for the University of Alberta and the Indigenous Engaged Research Strategy Task Force. For the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, I am a member of the Executive Council and the EDI and Indigenous Initiatives Multi-Institute Committee and mentor Indigenous Medical Students. 

Nationally, I am a board member of the Canadian Emergency Trauma and Acute Radiology Society, Vice-Chair of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group for the Canadian Association of Radiologists, a member of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada Champions Committee and the National Committee on Indigenous Medical Education (NCIME) Assessment Committee. I am also a member of the CIHR Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT) Consortium Indigenous Sub-Committee and the ACT Consortium Training Committee.

I am passionate about social accountability and improving health care for diverse and marginalized populations. My research and scholarly interests include curriculum development using a decolonizing and anti-oppressive approach and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. I have led extensive MD Program curricular renewal with increased focus on the social determinants of health, community engagement, cultural safety, and the significant health disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, including introducing an Indigenous Health Curriculum in 2012. I welcomed an Indigenous Elder onto the MD program leadership team as an integrated member and advisor to the team and as a full-time support for learners. I have actively promoted student and community-led curricular change and have a long-standing interest in improving learners' and communities' mental health and well-being.

I believe that medicine is a service profession and that we will have the best patient outcomes when we better reflect the populations we serve. To that end, I have led a review of medical school admissions for the University of Alberta to identify and remove barriers to increasing diversity in the medical student population. As a result of my commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equity, I received a University of Alberta Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion award in 2016. I am particularly interested in supporting diverse learners in their medical education journey. I know first-hand how hard it can be to be the first person in a family to go to University, to struggle academically, to pursue medicine when you do not have the same social capital as others, to transition from life in a small town to work at a quaternary academic health center; and the challenges of fitting into a university environment that rewards individual accomplishment when you have a different and more community-centered worldview.

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