Tom Hobman

Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Cell Biology Dept


Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Cell Biology Dept
(780) 492-6485
6-142K Katz Group Centre For Research
11315 - 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5


Area of Study / Keywords


Canada Research Chair in RNA virus host interactions


  1. Investigating how pathogenic viruses (Zika virus, West Nile virus, Dengue virus) causes disease.
  2. Novel diagnostics for Dengue virus and Zika virus.
  3. Identification of indirect-acting antiviral compounds.
  4. Mechanisms by which HIV causes neurological disease (in collaboration with Dr. Chris Power)
  5. Role of the master gene regulator Argonatue 2 in breast cancer.

Featured Publications

Tom C. Hobman

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