Tico Romao

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - English & Film Studies Dept


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - English & Film Studies Dept


FS 100 - Introduction to Film Study

Introduction to basic formal concepts in film analysis including mise-en-scène, cinematographic properties, editing, and sound, as well as narrative qualities.

FS 202 - Introduction to Film History II

A survey of world cinema from 1950 to present, with emphasis on major historical developments and important individual films. Prerequisite: FS 100. Not to be taken by students with credit in FS 200.

FS 215 - Introduction to Film Theory

General survey of major currents and debates in film theory, including early theories on the ontology of the film image, semiotic approaches to film as language, Marxist and psychoanalytic concepts of spectatorship and the film image, the intersections of film and ideology, and the phenomenological theory of film as an embodied experience. Prerequisite: FS 100.

FS 318 - Science Fiction Film

A study of the Science Fiction film genre as an imaginative displacement of social and cultural concerns that define the context in which the films emerge. Prerequisite: FS 100.

FS 399 - Special Topics in Film Studies

Prerequisite: FS 100.

WRITE 399 - Projects in Genre

Lectures and workshops emphasizing innovations across genres and/or specialized writing forms. Note: variable content course which may be repeated. Prerequisite: 200-level WRITE course unless waived by Instructor; a minimum grade of B+ in the prerequisite course is strongly recommended.

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