Terence A Riauka


Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Oncology Dept
(780) 432-8480
Cross Cancer Institute
11560 University Avenue
Edmonton AB
T6G 1Z2


Area of Study / Keywords


Dr. Terence A Riauka is currently appointed as Associate Professor/Sr. Medical Physicist in the Department of Oncology in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.


One area of research is the incorporation of functional and biological image data in external radiotherapy planning. A major obstacle still to be overcome is the registration and fused display of biological imaging data sets with simulator (CT) data sets. Currently, no software is commercially available for planning external radiotherapies using fused image data sets, such as PET/CT or FMRI/CT.

Another area of interest is the development of a 3D Radionuclide Dosimetry program. Currently, radionuclide dosimetries at the CCI are calculated from planar image data. A significant step forward would be to use either SPECT or PET, both of which provide 3D volumetric data, image data for dosimetry calculations. Again, specifically for SPECT, robust multimodality image registration and fusion is essential for 3D dosimetry calculations.

A final area of research is the assessment of novel radionuclide for PET imaging. Unlike most radionuclides used in gamma camera imaging which have a simple decay scheme, many suggested PET radionuclide have significantly more complicated decay schemes, generally involving unwanted gamma emission close to the 511keV annihilation radiations. For such radionuclides to be clinically useful new acquisition and imaging protocols will need to be developed.


ONCOL 564 - Physics of Nuclear Medicine

Discussion of the fundamental physics of radioactivity, the use of unsealed sources in medical diagnosis and treatment. Unsealed source dosimetry, nuclear measurement instrumentation, spectrometry. Design and function of gamma cameras, single photon emission tomography, and positron emission tomography. Prerequisites: ONCOL 550 and 562.

ONCOL 692 - Advanced Radiological and Nuclear Imaging Physics

Guided reading course in advanced ultrasound, fluoroscopy, X-ray CT, or nuclear imaging with preparation and presentation of teaching lectures in conjunction with ONCOL 691 and 693 presentations. Prerequisite: ONCOL 562, 564, 568, 600, and consent of Instructor.

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