Gianluca Vernillo

Assistant Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences


Assistant Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences


AUPED 232 - Introduction to Biomechanics

Study of the application of physical laws to movement and structure. Principles of motion, force, and equilibrium are stressed. Various sport skills are examined from a biomechanical perspective. Prerequisite: AUPED 112.

AUPED 314 - Exercise Physiology

Study of the physiological response of the human body to acute exercise and to chronic exercise (training). Prerequisite: AUPED 215.

AUPED 317 - Exercise in Special Populations

This course will examine the use of physical activity in the treatment and/or prevention of chronic health conditions. There will be a particular focus on ageing, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in class, with an opportunity to explore the therapeutic use of exercise in other chronic conditions independently. Prerequisites: AUPED 216, AUPED 314 or consent of the instructor.

AUPED 343 - Training Methodologies and Athletic Performance

Study of current training and conditioning methodologies used to prepare athletes. The course emphasizes physiological adaptation, specificity, and factors that influence the training process. Prerequisite: AUPED 314. Note: Open only to a student with a major or minor in Physical Education.

AUPED 393 - Tests and Measurements in Physical Education

Administration, construction, and analysis of tests and measurements utilized in health and physical education. Descriptive and inferential statistics are emphasized. Note: Students must have at least third year standing.

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