Victor Silva, MSc., PhD Student

Grad Research Asst Fellowship, Faculty of Science - Computing Science

Pronouns: He/Him


Grad Research Asst Fellowship, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Area of Study / Keywords

Data Mining Machine Learning



  • Ph.D., Computing Science (Data Mining), University of Alberta, In Progress
  • M.Sc., Computing Science (Data Mining), University of Alberta, 2019
  • M.Sc., Computer Science (Intelligent Agents), Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), 2016
  • Degree, Game Development, Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), 2013

Current Positions

  • Researcher, Special Commission in Artificial Intelligence and Law, Order of Attorneys of Brazil - Minas Gerais
  • Events Manager, Black in AI

Past positions

  • Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (ELITE) Program for Black Youth
  • Workshop Chair, Black in AI, NeurIPS 2020 (Virtual)
  • Area Chair (Data Mining), Workshop on Machine Learning for the Developing World, ICLR 2020 (Virtual)
  • Recruitment Chair for Black in AI, NeurIPS 2019 (Vancouver)


I am broadly interested in Artificial Intelligence with focus on data driven Approaches. My current research covers the detection, representation and evaluation of "change" in data. That means that I am curious about:

  • Whether the characteristics of the data and/or its data points are different at different points in time; (Change, as the result)
  • The process that makes data characteristics be different at different time points (Change, as in, the process of change).

I conduct research under supervision of Dr. Joerg Sander and Dr. Eleni Stroulia.

I am also curious about Financial Machine Learning, Ethics, Democracy and Philosophy.


Currently Teaching CMPUT 250 (Winter 2022)

In the past, I have taught the following courses as a Teaching Assistant:

  • CMPUT 175 (Introduction to the Foundations of Computer Science II)
  • CMPUT 366 (Reinforcement Learning/Intelligent Systems)
  • CMPUT 355 (Games, Puzzles and Algorithms)
  • CMPUT 250 (Computer and Games)
  • CMPUT 401 (Software Processes and Product Management)