Paul M Woodard


Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Renewable Resources Dept



Job/Research Area: Forest fire management and science 


  • 2002 - Tree of Life Award - Canadian Institute of Forestry/Rocky Mountain Section 
  • 2002 - Ed and Peggy Tyrchniewicz Award for Innovation in Teaching, awarded to the Introductory Forestry Field School Team 
  • 1997 and 1998 - Awards of Merit - United Way 
  • 2005 - Canadian Forestry Achievement Award (CIF/IFC)


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests: Recent research has focused on the historical role of fire in the southern Rocky Mountain ecosystem and white spruce regeneration after fire in the Boreal forests of Alberta. 


Large fire cost review for FY2009. A report submitted to the Secretary of Agriculture by the Guidance Group, Inc. of Eatonville, Washington
Author(s): Woodard, P.M. et al
Publication Date: 2010
External Link:
Minimum requirements for wildfire investigations
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Multi-resource effects of a stand-replacement prescribed fire in the Pinus contorta- Abies lasiocarpa vegetation zone of central Washington
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Burn safely
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