Xinwei Yu

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science - Mathematics & Statistical Sciences


Associate Professor, Faculty of Science - Mathematics & Statistical Sciences
527 Central Academic Building
11324 - 89 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2G1




Partial Differential Equations & Fluid Mechanics


MATH 336 - Honors Ordinary Differential Equations

First order differential equations. Linear systems of differential equations and linear differential equations of higher order. Stability and qualitative theory of 2-dimensional linear and non-linear systems. Laplace transform methods. Existences and uniqueness theorems. Prerequisites: MATH 225 or 227, and either MATH 209, 217, 314 or both 214 and 216. Note: Credit can be obtained in at most one of MATH 201, 334 and 336.

Winter Term 2021
MATH 436 - Intermediate Partial Differential Equations I

Partial differential equations as physical models. Introduction to basic generalized functions. Theory of linear and quasi-linear first-order equations: general solution, initial value problem, generalized solutions and propagation of singularities, characteristic surfaces, shock formation. Theory of fully nonlinear first order equations: complete solution and the initial value problem. Hamilton-Jacobi equation and its applications. Second order linear equations in n dimensions: classification, canonical form, characteristic surfaces and shock formation, initial and boundary value problem. Prerequisite: MATH 337.

Fall Term 2020
MATH 497 - Reading in Mathematics

This course is designed to give credit to mature and able students for reading in areas not covered by courses, under the supervision of a staff member. A student, or group of students, wishing to use this course should find a staff member willing to supervise the proposed reading program. A detailed description of the material to be covered should be submitted to the Chair of the Department Honors Committee. (This should include a description of testing methods to be used.) The program will require the approval of both the Honors Committee, and the Chair of the Department. The students' mastery of the material of the course will be tested by a written or oral examination. This course may be taken in Fall or Winter and may be taken any number of times, subject always to the approval mentioned above. Prerequisite: Any 300-level MATH course.

Fall Term 2020
MATH 527 - Intermediate Partial Differential Equations

Notions; Elliptic PDE's; Parabolic PDE's; Hyperbolic PDE's; Nonlinear Integrable PDE's. Prerequisite: MATH 436 or equivalent; corequisite: MATH 516.

Fall Term 2020
MATH 542 - Fourier Analysis

Review, theory and extension of Fourier series for square integrable functions; orthonormal systems, Bessel's inequality, completeness, Parseval's identity, Riesz-Fischer Theorem. Extension to Fourier series for functions in other Lebesgue classes; Fejer means, conjugate series, Dirichlet, Fejer and Poisson kernels. Norm convergence; remarks on pointwise convergence. Fourier transforms and series in several dimensions; inverse transform, Plancherel formula, Poisson Formula, maximal functions, Riesz-Thorin Theorem and applications. Elementary distribution theory; D, D', S, S' and some elementary results, Fourier transforms of tempered distributions. Examination of some earlier results with tempered distributions instead of functions and getting familiar with basic concepts. Prerequisite: MATH 418.

Winter Term 2021

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