Ying Cui

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Psychology Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Psychology Dept
(780) 492-3848
6-110 B Education Centre - North
8730 - 112 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2G5



Dr. Cui is interested in research in the area of Educational Measurement and Evaluation. She is particularly interested in investigating person fit on large scale assessments, developing and validating cognitive diagnostic assessment, and applying statistical modelling techniques to educational research.


EDPY 500 - Introduction to Data Analysis in Educational Research

May contain alternative delivery sections; refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

EDPY 505 - Quantitative Methods I

This course will focus on the analysis of data from experiments and surveys using the analysis of variance. Students will develop knowledge of and skills in understanding the underlying statistical models, matching statistical models to research designs, using computer software to conduct appropriate statistical analyses, and interpreting and reporting findings. Prerequisites: EDPY 500 or equivalent.

EDPY 605 - Quantitative Methods II

This course will introduce students to advanced statistical techniques that are frequently used in data analysis in the social sciences. Selected topics such as multiple regression, MANOVA, canonical correlation, principal component analysis, and factor analysis will be covered. Prerequisite: EDPY 505 or equivalent.

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Estimating classification consistency and accuracy for cognitive diagnostic assessment

Author(s): Cui, Y., Gierl, M. J., & Chang, W. W.
Publication Date: 2012
Publication: Journal of Educational Measurement
Volume: 49
Page Numbers: 19-38

Evaluating the performance of parametric and nonparametric procedures of constructing confidence interval for coefficient alpha: A simulation study

Author(s): Cui, Y. & Li, J.C.
Publication Date: 2012
Publication: Journal of British Mathematical and Statistical Psychology

Cross-cultural validation of Beck Depression Inventory-II across U.S. and Turkish sample

Author(s): Canel-Çınarbaş, D., Cui, Y., & Lauridsen, E.
Publication Date: 2011
Publication: Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development
Volume: 44
Page Numbers: 77-91

Bootstrap standard error and confidence intervals for indirectly range-restricted correlation: A Monte Carlo simulation study

Author(s): Li, J. C., Chan, W. & Cui. Y.
Publication Date: 2010
Publication: Journal of British Mathematical and Statistical Psychology

Bootstrap confidence intervals for the mean correlation corrected for Case IV range restriction – A more adequate procedure for meta-analysis

Author(s): Li, J. C.-H., Cui, Y., & Chan, W.
Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology