Yong Li, PhD, PEng

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept

Pronouns: he, him, his


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept
(780) 492-2722
6-259 Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering
9211-116 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5


Area of Study / Keywords

Structural and Earthquake Engineering Structural Reliability Finite Element Probabilistic Structural Health Monitoring AI-assisted Structural Engineering



  • Ph.D., Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego, USA
  • M.A., Applied Mathematics, University of California, San Diego, USA
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China

Professional Experience:

  • Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego, USA


Research Interest:

Dr. Li is fascinated in developing and applying (1) mechanics- and/or data-based models, and (2) probabilistic and machine learning methods to engineering risk/reliability problems in the field of structural engineering. This serves to assist decision-making in the process of probability-based design, retrofit, health monitoring, and maintenance of a wide range of structures (e.g., concrete bridges, masonry buildings, steel structures and pipelines, timber structures, etc.) in the face of uncertainty. He is also interested in inverse engineering problems (e.g., structural design optimization, nonlinear system identification using field-recorded and experimental data). Specifically, his research interests include:

  • Structural and earthquake engineering
  • Stochastic modeling of loads and hazards
  • Mechanics-based nonlinear finite element (FE)
  • Structural deterioration or damage modeling
  • Risk and reliability analysis (e.g., for concrete bridges, masonry walls, steel pipelines, timber structures)
  • Probabilistic structural health monitoring
  • Nonlinear system identification (FE model updating)
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted decision making

Selected Refereed Journal Publications:

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Undergraduate Courses

CIVE 295 Civil Engineering Analysis II (Winter 2021 - present)

CIVE 372 Structural Analysis I (Fall 2017 - present)

Graduate Courses

CIVE 660 Advanced Structural Analysis (Winter 2017 - present)

CIVE 661 Dynamics of Structures (Winter 2020)

CIVE 779 Structural Reliability (Winter 2018 - present)


Candidates with strong interest in mechanics- and data-based structural modeling, probabilistic modeling and analysis, are strongly encouraged to apply for openings in the SM&RA research group.