Lorne Zelyck

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, St Joseph's College


Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, St Joseph's College


CHRTC 100 - The Bible: An Introduction

The history and theology of the Old Testament and New Testament.

CHRTC 266 - Jesus in the New Testament

An examination of the historical Jesus and Christology through a study of the four Gospels, Paul, and later New Testament writers.

CHRTC 358 - The Gospel and Epistles of John

The sources, historical setting, content, and theology of the Gospel and Epistles of John.

CHRTC 450 - Directed Readings in Catholic Theology

An intensive directed readings course on a topic selected by the student in consultation with one of the faculty. A major term paper is required. Prerequisites: One course in Christian theology and permission of the College.

RELIG 212 - Introduction to Christianity

A survey of the Christian traditions in historical context. Note: Not open to students with credit in HIST 297 or ET RE 248.

RELIG 314 - Jesus

A study of representations of Jesus in various historical and social contexts.

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