Andrea MacLeod, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Communication Sciences & Disorders
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Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Communication Sciences & Disorders
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Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research - Admin


Area of Study / Keywords

Multilingual language development and maintenance Community based research Phonological development


Andrea MacLeod is a professor at University of Alberta since 2019. She completed a master’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Vermont and her doctorate under the direction of Dr. Carol Stoel-Gammon at the University of Washington. Growing up in eastern Ontario - she has been curious about bilingual language development and minority language maintenance.

Depuis 2019, Andrea MacLeod est professeure à l'Université d'Alberta. Elle détient un doctorat de l'Université de Washington et une maîtrise de l'Université du Vermont. Venant de l'est de l'Ontario, elle a toujours été curieuse au sujet du bilinguisme et le maintient des langues minoritaires. 


Dr. MacLeod held a Canadian Research Chair in Bilingual Acquisition and Communication Disorders and has received major grants as a principal investigator from organizations such as CIHR, SSHRC and the US National Science Foundation to study speech and language development in bilingual children. She is also an active co-investigator on several pan-Canadian grants. Dr. MacLeod’s research has focused on the speech and language abilities of bilingual children and adults. She has developed an expertise the study of speech and language development among bilingual children from Official Language Minority Communities in Canada and among children from minoritized language communities, including immigrant and refugee children. Her work with bilingual children led her to co-found a non-profit organization to support bilingual language development in young refugee children. This work has led to continued community-based research within a social-justice framework to understand how to best support language maintenance and transmission.

Dr. MacLeod a détenu une Chair de Recherche du Canada en Acquisition bilingue et troubles de communications. Son programme de recherche est financé par IRSC, CRSH et NSF.  Sa recherche porte sur le développement des enfants bilingues et multilingues, particulièrement en CLOSM et minoritaire plus généralement. Cette recherche vise à mieux comprendre le développement bilingue et multilingue pour aider les enfants et leurs familles à transmettre et maintenir leurs langues.

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