Anna Santos Salas, RN, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing


Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing
(780) 492-3618
5-00 University Terrace
8303 - 112 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2T4




  • Enfermera, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • MN, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • PhD (Nursing), University of Alberta
  • Postdoctorate in health equity Faculty of Nursing University of Alberta (2009-2011)


In my research program, I investigate how gender and social inequities affect cancer and palliative care outcomes in populations with advanced cancer, and the development of interventions to improve the overall experiences of those affected by social inequities. Study populations include persons with advanced cancer living with social disparities, their significant ones, members of communities affected by global disparities, and oncology and palliative care providers. I follow a combination of research methodologies including interpretive inquiry, intersectionality, and critical and emancipatory approaches. Please see scholarly activity tab for current research.


Selected core values of my teaching philosophy

  • Access to education is a basic human right.
  • All human beings hold the potential to reach the highest level of human development. Access to education enables them to realize this potential.
  • The conditions in which human beings are born and develop shape our teaching and learning experiences. 
  • In teaching and learning, we need to be able to dream, and to believe that our dreams may come true.

Teaching areas

  • Contemporary philosophical trends in nursing
  • Interpretive inquiry and related research methodologies
  • Equity and global health

Selected courses taught 

NURS 513 Qualitative Research

NURS 610 Contemporary Views of Nursing Science

NURS 399 Selected Topics in Nursing Research (BScN Honors students)

NURS 498 Global Citizenship in Health


NURS 120 - Foundations for Success in Nursing

The course develops an understanding of self as a learner in a health professions context. It explores the foundations of professional nursing, relational practice and therapeutic communication. The course promotes reflection on personal perspectives and experiences to understand one's own attitudes, beliefs, and values. It fosters resilience and explores strategies for self-management and growth. Course includes 6 clinical hours total. Corequisites: MMI 133 and NURS 106 (or NURS 140 and 150). Note: Available only to nursing students in the Collaborative Program. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C+ in order to progress in the program. Credit may be obtained for only one of NURS 120 or 103.

Fall Term 2021
NURS 499 - Scholarly Project in Nursing

Preparation and presentation of a nursing scholarly project. Prerequisites: NURS 399 and consent of the Faculty.

Fall Term 2021

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Scholarly Activities

Research - 2018 Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology CANO-Pfizer Award of Excellence in Nursing Research

Started: 20181028

This award recognizes achievements in oncology nursing research including research with a demonstrated practical application, sharing research findings with oncology nursing, and promoting the development of ressearch-based nursing practice.

Research - Building Community Partnerships to Promote Early Palliative Care in Socioeconomically Vulnerable Groups in Alagoas, Brazil

20190103 - 20200430

Funded by the University of Alberta Killam Research Operating Grant, the purpose of this study is to examine the need for early palliative care for populations with social inequities and build a collaborative relationship with health care providers, community members, and academics to promote early palliative care. This study relates to a research project underway in Canada that explores the views of Canadian oncology and palliative care providers regarding early palliative care for socioeconomically vulnerable groups. The study in Alagoas, Brazil and the resulting collaboration together with our research in Canada will help us prepare a new multi-centric study to promote early palliative care for these groups.

Research - Development of an early palliative care intervention with socioeconomically vulnerable patients with advanced cancer: A consultation process

20181201 - 20201130

Funded by a CIHR Planning Grant, the purpose of this study is to consult with oncology and palliative care providers in Edmonton regarding the need for and components of an early palliative care intervention for people who suffer from advanced cancer and socioeconomic inequities.

Research - Symptom Relief and Palliative Care for Inner City Populations in Edmonton: A Pilot Intervention

20170901 - 20200331

Funded by the MSI Foundation, the overall research purpose of this study is first, to investigate the symptom relief and palliative care experiences, needs, and preferences of inner city residents with a life-threatening illness, and second, to examine if an inner city palliative care intervention can improve their symptom relief and palliative care experience and meet end-of-life needs. This study is a collaborative undertaking with the Palliative Care Outreach and Advocacy Team (PCOAT), a newly established palliative care program at the Indigenous Wellness Clinic to serve persons experiencing homelessness and vulnerably housed in need of palliative care in Edmonton and surrounding areas.


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