Atiyah Yahya


Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Oncology Dept


ONCOL 556 - Laboratory in Imaging

Practical experience with medical physics applied to diagnostic imaging. Operation of radiographic imaging systems and their evaluation with various test equipment and dosimetry systems. Introduction to the operation and evaluation of some advanced imaging modalities. Prerequisites: ONCOL 550 and 562. Corequisites: ONCOL 568 and 564.

ONCOL 568 - Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Rigorous development of the physics of x-ray production, interaction and detection in diagnostic radiology, including mammography and ultrasound. In-depth analysis of analog and digital systems in radiography and fluoroscopy is given. The description and design of computed tomographic systems as well as the associated reconstruction algorithms from single to multislice helical systems are studied. Prerequisites: ONCOL 550, 562.

ONCOL 690 - Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Methods and Applications

Advanced course on modern magnetic resonance techniques including in-depth description of hardware; advanced imaging sequences and image reconstruction methods; methodologies for in-vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Prerequisite: BME 564 and consent of Instructor.

ONCOL 691 - Advanced Magnetic Resonance Physics

Guided lecture course with preparation and delivery of teaching lectures on a current topic of Magnetic Resonance research in conjunction with ONCOL 692 and 693 presentations. Prerequisite: ONCOL 690 and consent of Instructor.

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