Behrad Gholipour, PhD, MSc

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept

Pronouns: He, Him, His


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept
(780) 492-3535
5-304 Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering
9211 116 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5


Area of Study / Keywords

Nanotechnology Materials Reconfigurable Optoelectronics Metamaterials Phase change materials Nanoscale sensing Telecommunication Physical Vapor deposition Nanofabrication Chalcogenides Perovskites Metal-oxides Memory Waveguides Photovoltaics Thermoelectrics Biomedical Engineering Communications Engineering Electromagnetics and Microwaves Integrated Circuits and Systems Microsystems and Nanodevices Photonics and Plasmas Solid State Electronics


Dr Behrad Gholipour, is Assistant Professor of Photonics at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, where he established and leads the Alberta Metal-Chalcogenide Manufacturing Facility (AM2F) and the Nanoscale Optics Lab ( He is widely recognized for his seminal work in the design and manufacturing of reconfigurable nanoscale free-space and integrated optoelectronic devices using chalcogenide and perovskite semiconductors. His work has resulted in >100 peer reviewed journal and conference publications, including multiple high profile publications in Science, Nature Materials, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications and Advanced Materials journals, many of which have been chosen as magazine cover articles. He is also the holder of one US patent and a frequent referee for >10 leading publications in nanotechnology, optoelectronics, material science and physics.

His research has over the years also gained high public interest as evident by the many news articles published about his work in trade and day-to-day magazines, websites and blogs including Yahoo news, Physics World, Engadget, Electronics Weekly and Science Daily.

He is also the recipient of the UK ICT Pioneer and Petro-Canada Young Innovator awards. He serves as an editorial board member of the IOP Journal of Optics and Wiley Advanced Photonics Research and a member of the program committee of SPIE Metamaterials conference. He is also a frequent organizer of various symposia and has served as guest-editor for a number of nanotechnology, materials and optics journals.


  • Nanotechnology, Nanophotonics, nanofabrication and nanoscale physics
  • Metamaterials & Metasurfaces
  • Plasmonics
  • Waveguide and Optical Fiber integrated optics
  • High-throughput Material Discovery
  • Laser switching & processing of materials  
  • Multimaterial Optical Fibres
  • Photo-tunable materials
  • Plasma & thermal vapour deposition 
  • Chalcogenide semiconductors
  • Phase change & Nano-ionics
  • Neuromorphic Optics
  • Environmental monitoring and sensing


ECE 210 - Introduction to digital logic design

ECE 457 - Microfabrication and Devices

ECE 770 - Advanced Topics in Nanoscale Optics


Interested in a Postdoctoral, PhD, MSc, Deans Research Award (DRA) or visiting scholar position?

At the Nanoscale Optics Lab, we are always on the lookout for candidates for a variety of projects with knowledge of electronics, physics or materials science, a keen interest in optics and photonic technologies, and a desire to develop advanced skills in cleanroom based nanofabrication techniques, experimental photonics, materials design and discovery, computational electromagnetic modelling and electron and optical microscopy.

Multiple positions open for 2021/2022 calendar years and beyond. get in touch!

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